Budget 351w Stroker Motor Build Gets “TRICKED” Out Ford 387 Stroker

The Most BUDGET Ford 351w Motor I Ever Built Cheap POWERHOUSE Stroker 💪


We Add Boost With a Button! Installing A Dual Stage Boost Controller

This Mod Left Unchecked Can Kill The POWA & MOTA! Lean is Mean

Sketchy Track Stick Shift Racing True NO PREP Surfaces! 👀

Stick Shift 408 Stroker Ridealong Getting Some Heat In The New Build…💪

Building a 408 Stroker Back Better! Upgraded Aluminium Heads … but theres a problem…

When Aluminium Heads SEEN Better Days… Spent $1500 To Make This Work!

What Went Wrong? A Look Inside 1000 Hp 351w Stock Block 408 Stroker

Back To Budget At Least Its Off The JACKSTANDS! On3 78mm Billet Turbo

Old SSP Coupe Mustang Gets The WORKS At Fab Shop! RABBIT HOLE HERE WE COME!

After 35+ Years Why These Checks Are SO Vital – Here Let Me Show You ….

We Bang Gears BACK OF TRACK – This is STREET as it Gets! Uncaged 2023 #fullsend

If This MOD Isn’t Right Your Car Could Be Losing Power!

Turbo 408 vs Turbo LS Stick Shift No Prep Finals Race

Old Budget Turbo Swap: More Like An Expensive Door Stop!

Broken And Pressed For Time How a $50 Part Ruined My Turbo..

YOU Building a Foxbody? 30 Years of Torque Torn In Time!

We Put Radials On A Stick Shift Turbo Foxbody Did NOT Go Well..

Stranded 100 Miles From Home 2 Broken Axles ..DOES IT EVEN RUN?

Now I See Why This Mod Sat Under A Bench For 3 Years…

Its Just a Street Car.. Bangin’ Gears at No Prep Stick Shift Event

Major ISSUES With The Turbo 408 Stroker – Junkyard 351 Block on BIG PSI!

This Coyote Hit SO HARD IT Blew The Tail LIght Off!

Old Cheap Rusty Turbo Sat for YEARS NO WAY This Thing Still Works…

POUND FOR POUND You Won’t BELIEVE The Difference Stock Vs. Aftermarket

Where Stick Shift Transmissions GROW TEETH – This MOD WILL Make You Faster!

Drove 5 Hours To Test At This Track But Didn’t Expect This Off Trailer…

Our Testing Didn’t Go As Planned – We May Have Hurt It

How Much Power Can A Junkyard 351w Stroker Block Hold? Year 3 New TURBO

That 60 FOOT tho…. Seat TIME and Bangin’ Gears I Love this $hit

Quite Possibly The Sketchiest TRACK I Ever Seen – But id run it back…

We Found The Problem – I Should Have Deleted This YEARS Ago! + MORE Maintenance

When It Goes “BOOM” This MOD Will Keep It Straight! #safetyfirst

The Best GT40 Turbo Build You Can Do On A Budget! A YEAR LATER

Stick Shift $hit w/ My Stick Shift FRIENDS! IN CAR FOOTAGE 👀

Built on BEER & Bad Ideas! Guess Whats On Title?

Foxbody vs. Tesla Plaid First Pass of 2023 Stick Shift

One of the BEST Foxbody Mods That May HELP Save This Mustang!

When Your Safety Equipment Does Its Job..

Testing On Street Night w/ A 3000+ Horsepower Ford Maverick! 💪

Ford 460 Big Block In A Foxbody Coupe Mustang How Fast Was It?

We Look Inside Our Broken T56 Magnum— How Bad Was It? 👀

After Years Of Bangin’ Gears Our Testing Did NOT Go As Planned…

Why I’m Rebuilding A “REBUILT” Motor – And What It Looks Like Inside 👀

Going Rounds At A No Prep With My Stick Shift Street Car!

You Make Horsepower? This Mod That Takes 10 mins For YOUR SAFETY ⛑

After 2 Years At 1000 Wheel Torque, Is This Clutch Still Working? 👀

I Almost Fell Out of My Seat – One Of The BEST Mods I Could Have Done

HUGE UPGRADE! Viking Crusader Coilover Kit Installed On A Foxbody Mustang

I Let A TECH School Student Paint My Foxbody Coupe Mustang HERE’S THE RESULTS!

We Travel to TEAM Z for ESSENTIAL Race Parts for Coupe Build!

Daily Driver Vs. Track Car Pound for Pound 2 Turbo Foxbody’s At The Shop

You Won’t Believe The Stuff We Found Picking Parts, Cars, Swap Meet Scratch & Dent! 👀

Budget 351w Stroker Build Finds A Home! Turbo Fox Back On Streets 💪


Test Ride Turns Struggle To Get Home It Never Ends…

Common Problems on Foxbody Mustangs Old SSP Coupe Gets Some Needed Attention!

FOUND IT! What Was Holding Back Horsepower? You Wont Believe What…

Dont Let THIS Mod Steal Your HORSEPOWER! Engine Power Loss 👀

Peeling Back Decades of Paint NOT What We Expected… SSP Coupe Mustang

363 Stroker POWERS UP! The TURBO Contents Are Under Pressure! 👀

I Drop My SSP Coupe Mustang At Paint To Let a Student Paint it!

This Is Why You CHECK Used Parts NEVER KNOW What Your Buying! 👀

Turbo 351w Stock Bottom End Stick Shift Foxbody Mustang 9.78 @ 144

This Problem Will Shut Your TURBO DOWN Hard to SPOT failures!

How Much Does A Foxbody Mustang Coupe Weigh BEST BUILD TO START!

Engine Noises That Will RUIN Your Day… Turbo 363 Stroker Setup Broken

Will A Junkyard Ford 351w Handle 1000HP SBE & STROKER? Things We Did RIGHT!

What's INSIDE The Mustang Notch Project We Found on Marketplace?💪

Why I Didn't Do This Years Ago – Best Mod When Racing A Foxbody Mustang

You Won't Believe What We Found At A Swap Meet You Almost NEVER KNOW!👀

This Track Pass Almost Changed My LIFE! Testing w/ The BADDEST Bird On Planet!

We Found Some Amazing BUDGET Upgrades For Our Foxbody Mustang!

This Mod Should Be Top Of Your List! Don't Wait Until Your Car Is Too Fast

The Poorman's 351w Stroker Build BACK AT THE SHOP! 💪

Its ALL About GOING A to B! a Stick Shift Racers POV 👀

Making Foxbody's Horsepower & Mods Work For YOU! SHOP & TECH TALK

Foxbody Mustang STRANGE Brakes INSTALL & WEIGHT How Much REALLY?

When 30 Year Old MODS FAIL They Can Be Hard To SPOT! 👀


Hangin' HOOPS w/ Cousin Paul Chasin' 8s! LAST Test -N- Tune Of Year

One of the BEST Brake Mods I have ever seen How Much It Weigh??

Chasing 8's at 3 Pedal Throwdown We Went too Fast!? Turbo Foxbody Mustang

9.39 @ 145 Stick Shift Turbo Foxbody Mustang Junkyard 351w

I Can't Believe How Much Weight I Saved With These Wheels… Foxbody Mustang

WILL They Work? We Street Test 30 Year Old BROKEN Computers In Our Foxbody Mustang

We Made Changes To Go FASTER You Wont Believe How Much..


When Owning a Foxbody Mustang Theres ALWAYS Work To Be Done

This NO PREP Racing Is Addicting! Pacemakers STICK SHIFT SHOOTOUT

NO PREP Racing is NO Joke! I did NOT Expect this…👀

Racing Cars & GO FAST Parts THE BEST Foxbody Pastime! #hobby

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