Pro Modified – A&D Heads Up Series – Milan Dragway

Episode 153 – GBR Live! | Ft Wes Ellis from Coastal Plains Dragway!

I Grudge Raced Ryan Mitchell for $2000 on Small Tires! Shocker vs The Firebird KC Maxx No Prep

GRUDGE Racing Bobby Ducote in Shocker Off the Trailer in Gulfport MS Mardi Gras No Prep

GBR Live! | Episode 143 ft Brian Lohnes

GBR Live! | Episode 141 with Larry Jeffers and Mel Roth

Raising The Stakes in Vegas!! NPK S6 Race 9 Las Vegas NV

We Did It Again!!! | Firebird Raceway NPK S6 Race 7 Part 2.

Fire At Firebird 🔥 Part 1. The Great 8 | Street Outlaws S6 Race 7

GBR LIVE! Index Popularity, Labor Day 250K

GBR Live! Cold Front Hits Xenia!

Lizzy Wins Off The Trailer!!! NPK Tulsa S6 Race 6 | New Car Reveal!!

We Won! I Needed This | NPK S6 Race 5 | Outlaw Big Tire Racing

SHOCKER is Back from Australia! Prepping for No Prep Kings

Lizzy Hunts Her FIRST Turkey in Mississippi Before Chemo Starts

HUGE Wheelie Saved Shocker from Crashing with Supra. The Final Australia Race, Calder Park

High Stakes Grudge Racing in Sydney Australia, Street Outlaws vs the World drag racing

Shocker was DAMAGED in Shipping from Perth to Brisbane. Grudge Racing Ntorius & Using Both Lanes

Street Outlaws vs Steve Irwin’s Zoo Australia

Nearly CRASHED in Australia TWICE! Street Outlaws vs Australia Perth was wild

First Pass in Shocker in Australia. We have a Major Issue testing for Street Outlaws vs Australia

Shocker gets Prepared for Battle in Australia. Refilling fluids and getting teched in

Street Outlaws Down Under. Traveling to Australia to race our cars

Fishing Tournament Kye Kelley Racing vs Bird Boyz. Who cheated???

Just A Lil Toot… Nitrous Purges are fun #shorts

Picking up my M&M Transmission and touring Mark Micke’s Transmission shop

Last test session with Shocker before Australia. Team NOLA working together on Small tires

The Best and Worst Moments of an Action Packed year that was 2022

A STOLEN piece of Shocker Turned in to an Amazing Hunting Blade by my buddy Craig as a Surprise gift

THRASHING to figure these small tires out. Team NOLA members and friends testing for Mega Cash Days

Thanksgiving in California with Kye Kelley, Lizzy Musi, David Gates, & Justin Swanstrom

Shocker is Back On the Street! Testing on California Street Mega Cash Days. Very Tricky Surface

Testing Street Shocker on small tires for the first time ever prepping for Mega Cash Days

Preparing Street Shocker for its first pass and debut at Mega Cash days on small tires!

I Called Out Ryan Martin FIRST Round at the No Prep Kings Finals in Texas for the Championship

What Happened at Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Alabama….

Driving the repaired NPK Shocker to the Finals vs Lutz at No Prep Kings Rockingham North Carolina

Cutting my BRAND NEW race car to pieces… DISASTER two days before race day

2,894 WHP | Jason Collins | Alabama International Dragway

Destroyed parts galore! We battle our way through rounds at No Prep Kings Norwalk Ohio Invitational

Nearly Crashed! Wheel broke off mid run! NPK Shocker takes a beating at No Prep Kings Ohio

Shocker Lives! Picking up the new Street Shocker from Wizard Race Cars. OG Shocker lives on

Late night engine rebuild, racing Lizzy in her new loaner car at No Prep Kings Bandimere

Mile High problems! Doing Battle in the Great 8 at No Prep Kings Bandimere. Lizzy gets a new car

Making changes to Shocker before No Prep Kings Bandimere Colorado. Setting up our pit area

My fiance beat Ryan Martin but crashed her car, we went rounds & dunked Swanstrom in the dunk tank!

Taking on Ryan Martin in another final round and gapping Justin Swanstrom at No Prep Kings Idaho

Shocker Makes Huge Progress Testing in Tulsa after Struggling with New Car Issues.

Testing Claude Banks Regal in Vegas for Street Outlaws End Game. Kye Kelley Racing

Shocker is making progress in the NO Prep Kings Tulsa Invitational Kye Kelley Racing

WE WON IT ALL!!! Taking On Daddy Dave & Lizzy Musi for $40,000 in Tulsa Oklahoma

Debuting the NPK Shocker at Tulsa Great 8 w/ no testing time the hard truth, more trailer trouble

Finishing and testing the NPK Shocker for the first time! Preparing for No Prep Kings Tulsa

Claude Banks 1987 Buick Regal, Kye Kelley's Street Outlaws End Game daily driver build on the dyno

Aftershock's Musi 959 ci engine gets a refresh between races at Dennis Concrete in TN David Gates

OG Shocker's last ride. Picking up what's left of the car from Wizard Race Cars & bringing it home

SHOCKER is back! The new NPK Shocker built by Larry Jeffers is done, and here's your first look!

Changing engines in the pits in 38 minutes to race Ryan Martin at No Prep Kings Houston

We WON another one! Brainerd MN No Prep Kings was good to my crew and I! Show Stopper is on a roll

WE WON vs Ryan Martin, Taking New SCREW BLOWER Combo And Going Rounds At Street Outlaw NO PREP KINGS

Boiling hot transmission fluid everywhere, fighting through to the semi finals NPK Bowling Green

Extremely close racing in the Great 8 of No Prep Kings Bowling Green Kentucky. Race recap

Rebuilding my Musi 959 nitrous engine in the pits in Ohio before No Prep Kings race day

Close calls and going rounds at No Prep Kings Ohio Invitational. Racing Ryan Martin again!

Racing my fiance for $15,000 in the No Prep Kings Great 8 , Kye Kelley vs Lizzy Musi

Kye Kelley vs JJ da Boss $5000 grudge race in Memphis TN, JJ's Armdrop

Thrashing through to the finals of No Prep Kings New England Dragway fighting issues & going rounds

Great 8 times 2 at No Prep Kings New England Dragway. I beat Ryan! Close call against Daddy Dave

No Prep Kings Maple Grove Raceway recap! What a crazy weekend!

Show Stopper has an issue that cost us big. Maple Grove NPK Invitational No Prep Kings on Sunday

Maple Grove No Prep Kings on Friday the 13th was pure chaos. Kye draws Jeff Lutz for Great 8 rnd 1

How much nitrous? All of it! #shorts #showstopper #kyekelley

VMP NPK Day 2! *We Hurt Bonnie…..*

The new Shocker! Getting fitted for the new car being built by Wizard Race Cars

Shocker is completely destroyed… What happened? An up close look at the damage. Totaled

We won No Prep Kings Virginia for the second year in a row! What a weekend for Kye Kelley Racing!

No Prep Kings – Justin LC Swanstrom vs Kye Kelly $5k Grudge Race

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