Nearly CRASHED in Australia TWICE! Street Outlaws vs Australia Perth was wild

Nearly got crashed by other cars in Perth Australia twice! it was a crazy weekend, but we had a blast! Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the Channel! Find me on social media also!
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  1. Just for a starting discussion, check out an annual base in a triangle area between Mildura, Albury and Dubbo, to head to as soon as it starts to snow in the US in winter. To keep racing and stuff through the Australian summer and early autumn. Perth would be the best place to live, but its a long way from most of the action on the east coast of Australia. If you have a base in the riverlands, there are plenty of workshops and mechanics and revheads and you are not far from the racing venues. You could even work with the NSW Govt to get some stretches of straight roads set up for racing, with like RenMark V Mildura V Albury V Wagga V Canberra V Bathurst V Dubbo etc.. You could have Melbounre V Sydney V brisbane, but that has already been done for years and is a bit boring. The other place you could start discussing would be the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, with Rocky V Bundy V Noosa V Byron V Coffs. The for a bigger day QLD v NSW v Victoria v SA v WA , like a State of Origin series. It may be too hard to organise, but it could be something to talk about when you have been snowed in for a few days.

  2. Am I the only one who has watched most of everyone's videos from the trip and it seems like it's Team NPK plus Robin Roberts. He is the only person I haven't seen in anyone's videos hanging out together

  3. One thing about you is you stay in the throttle and get the win no matter what's going on. Risking what I think is the coolest car in street outlaws. Bad ass driving !

  4. Got to love shocker going all the way down under doimg shocker things. Not much changed. Also why I love you kye most people would let out when it gets loose but you and scooter just power down

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