First Pass in Shocker in Australia. We have a Major Issue testing for Street Outlaws vs Australia

First Pass in Shocker in Australia. We Have a Major Issue with the car. Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the Channel! Find me on social media also!
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Facebook: Kye Kelley Racing
Instagram: @therealkyekelley
TikTok: @therealkyekelley

Edit by Jeff Killingsworth

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  1. That sbf bes engine has a unique sound love hearing it up on the 2 step it just sounds different …keep seeing boosted gt and would love to see his reaction to the combo

  2. I was not always a fan of yours till your YouTube came out got to see the real you but I have always said line up next to you better have your crap together or you will loose

  3. Really enjoy these videos man. Looks like yall are having a blast down there. And judging from all the wins you've racked up looks like Shocker has been working good for ya. Stay safe down there and I wish you and Lizzy and everyone the best. #NOLA to the front

  4. Kye Kelley is such a stud, when people make innocent jokes about Lizzy's beauty (getting together with her) you play it like a Top G. Masculine frame never tarnished with Kye. I used to date models and it got tiring having people always hitting on them and flirting all the time. Good Job for maintaining masculine frame and being cool when others would crumble with Jealousy. You Rock Kye Kelley!!!

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