Car Hoarding 101 To Many Projects 55 Pontiac 58 Pontiac 61 Pontiac 73 Chevelle 35 Ford 80 El Camino

Cory’s car addiction gone wild.



  1. Well I see you like stick shifts to me to make it faster put a auto in one like the one you call a terd now that one would make a amazing hot rod with a auto and a 383 stroker but I do like your cars

  2. I also live where you gotta put stuff away for winter. Hate it myself would drive all year long if I could.. Never have to many projects or parts atleast what I tell the wife lol

  3. In one of your recent videos you walked down to a small garage/storage shed that looked like an old barn. Where about is that located? Down the lane or is that on another property? Will be watching the Henry J progress!

  4. I have been organizing my storage building, man do i have lots of stuff.

    Lots of cars, too hard to enjoy them all,wish we could do our insurance online, make it easy to move insurance around .
    Have you tried those stripper discs? I find they work very well. Canuck tire,$14.99 $4.00 ish from amazon.
    Siezed 400 with a 727. On the fence about parting with it.
    Nice toy collection!
    Is not crap. Looks like treasure to me.

  5. There was a movie with cherry Ladd death on the high way were the fellow was killing people on the interstate I had a 70 chev van and I cut the dog house off it and wired the correct firing order and it was because of that movie I had several American graffiti 55 chev and several outher models one movie car model was the custom Lincoln marks still trying to find the model and need to customize it for the movie the car models cheaper than the real thing I wish I could no full size vehicles but my health is falling due to a work injury still collecting tools and parts for my own custom van a 1996 ford aerostar van waiting for a 302 v8 with at trans.

  6. Nice model collection,,that's a lot of toys,,The Hershey car and swap meet is happening this week,I don't know if you know of it or not,,,I'm only a few miles from it,I haven't been thier since the covid shit,,it's hugh,,no one can walk the whole thing in one day,,,any how,,,

  7. Its been a minute since I've been around. Really enjoyed the tour of the collection! (you got a nice place too, BTW) One thing is obvious… you certainly share the passion! I hear ya on collecting too much crap. I have the same problem! Well… is it a problem? No! But like you, been collecting for a few decades… not so much collectables, but mostly car junk. You definitely have me beat on the collectables end! I too was into model cars really heavy… still have most all of them. Probably 200+. Someday will liquidate as my kids seem to not have any interest in any of this stuff.

  8. I didn't know car hoarding is a crime in Manitoba! The Ed Roth models are cool! See you have a V8 engine model. I had a visible V8 clear plastic model when I was about 12 year old. Not sure what happened to it. I am trying to thin out my collection. Nothing to exciting in it now. I am converting over to 1:43 scale from the 1:18 scale. Takes less room. Yes Hot Rod is the best racing movie ever! Noce tour of your stuff! Looking forward to more videos on whatever car/project you guys are working on.

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