Zex Nitrous Blackout Kit Installed and Track Tested! #mopar #smallblock#zex #nitrous #nitrousoxide

This video shows an unboxing of the Zex blackout perimeter plate nitrous kit and real world results of using a 100 and 150 shot on a track proven race car. This is my 1968 barracuda drag car, that I bracket race. I installed this nitrous kit before the 2022 #nonamenationals in Sikeston Missouri, at Jeffers Motorsports park.

Many factors affect how your car will respond to nitrous, including traction, camshaft selection, air fuel reading, converter slippage, rear gearing, and more!

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  1. I wonder wonder wonder what the 250 shot would do!? Joe? Just asking that question scares me. Honestly in my opinion the tighter converter gave you more. What do you think Joe?

  2. Looking good Joe…it was Definitely Blowing thru the converter….If you had a NOS Converter that Barracuda will run Low 6s the way it sits…My Duster ran low 6 teens then 570s Blowing thru..i now have a NOS Converter and it will run low 5s in 1/8th….

  3. Thanks Joe, i run a Zex perimeter plate kit 150 shot on the hit with my 383 big block and wont run without it now. I had the fuel side set up the same at the start but now have a 1 gal, fuel cell and a second pump under the hood.

  4. Holy hell, how much did that death wobble from the left front on that last pass mess with your wheel? That looked scary as F!!!
    And yeah, these guys said all I wanted to already, nice kit and sick performance! I love how synced you are with that old fish.

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