#YDBTDAILY Today we talk about the “NEW” S550.5 (S650) Darkhorse Mustang and industry reaction.

So ford announced what could possible be their last ICE V8 sports car the facelifted S550 mustang. And introduced a slightly more powerful lineup and introduced a new trim level with a weird name. The industry ball washers love it, But i’ll explain why tuners and people that their cars might not want to get it right away.

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  1. When the latest Camaro came out everybody said that it looked good because it looked like the S550, now that the s650 is out everybody saying that it looks like a Camaro, how is that when the s650 still looks like and has the profile of a s550..the only thing I see that's Camaro like on the s650 is the rear end with the smaller tail lights other than that no

  2. Lol the "OMG TREMEC" always kills me. You'd think a group of people who have a GETRAG Mt82 (the same company who built indestructible 1000whp stock Porsche and MK4 Supra transmissions) would understand that saying "TREMEC" doesn't mean squat…it's what version you have.

  3. New mustang makes the current look even shittier than I thought it did. Ford nailed it. Hope it happens to destroy a GT350 just because it would be funny. Hope it responds to mods as well as the current coyote as well. Gonna be a bad bitch

  4. Ford spitting in GM's eye again. Camaro goes away next year and yet again Ford stealing GM fanbase stealing few visuals from camaro. Not only that creating 485HP GT blockbuster. Also Alejandro I will have to wait a few years so I don't void my warranty. I will stick with roush stuff because that doesn't void warranty.

  5. I think the “dark horse” is actually the s650’s version of a boss. Think about it, slightly more hp, supposed beefed up internals, and different body parts. They probably focus grouped it and felt like the boss name was to offensive so they came up with “dark horse”.

  6. the car is ok, nothing special i find the 18-20 nicer, just wished they (ford) would have done something different V8 wise whether "6.8,7.3" or even a cheaper version of apredator 5.2 in a gt and a upgraded version for a gt500 later, owell nothing left now.

  7. Thumbnail photo is the Camaro to get.
    (6th gen SS 1LE package).
    Highly suggested if you like the new Mustang for a much better price and better IMO.
    I know cause I own the same exact one.

  8. All of the Camaro groups/forums are blowing up joking how the new Mustang is a Camaro. The new Mustang sells will be higher due to Camaro owners wanting a newer Camaro since the existing Camaro owners not only like the look but also the Camaro will mostly be discontinued. Don’t believe me? Look into it.

  9. I think Ford saw an opportunity for a “cash grab” and “not for the Mustang enthusiast” by making the new Mustang look like a combination of Dodge Charger, Camaro and Mustang for the people who wants a newer Camaro, Mustang & Charger due Camaro and Charger are basically going away.

  10. I'm glad somebody else is saying this stuff besides me. If Ford's getting 480 horsepower out of the single throttle bodied 5.0, then this dual throttle body intake should be putting out at least 510 HP, right out of the gate, no excuses. If it's not making at least 490 HP, I'm going to be pissed and I probably won't buy it, I'll look for something else to buy, like a Scat Pack.

  11. Sub models that only make 10-20 horse than the GT is just gimmicky to me. It’s an appearance package at that point . I’d rather get a base gt and a tire than spend all that money . Imo.

  12. I think you are correct. The new Mustangs will be virtually untunable like the 2021 F-150's. And EPA will seek and destroy aftermarket shops/Tuners who tamper with emission devices and maybe arrest the vehicle owners too !

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