Why So Slow? Street Outlaws Testing

On this Episode we head to Willowbank Raceway Street Series event for more testing. We didnt make the fastest passes but we did go a to b on a far more par sticky track.



  1. I was laying in bed, here in Texas….and felt the earth start to rumble and my house was shaking. I thought it was an earthquake, then I realized it was Junga Bunga firing it up in Australia! Cant wait for more videos! Keepem coming!

  2. Great video mate and great effort against those yanks. Shame you didn't get to turn on the win light but almost, so well done with that. At least it looks like you have turned on the win light with the viewers though and that is the main thing. I love the channel and look forward to seeing the junga story evolve. Thanks for sharing your videos mate.

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