What happened at Maple Grove No Prep Kings (NPK)? pt.2

This is Pt.2 to what happened with our weekend at Maple Grove Raceway for the Street Outlaws small tire event two weeks ago. We laid down some really fast passes with the Relic X2, but we diiiiid blow up the motor again 😅
Caden also made some VERY fast passes but ran into some issues of his own..
We’ll dig into a bit more of that in this video.
Let us know what ya think of this recap down below in the comments, and stay tuned for more race day content coming in hot!

Huge shoutout to my friends over @ignition source tv for doing their thing with the filming and the video editing! Be sure to check them out!
You can follow/check them out here: youtube.com/c/ignitionsourcetv?Sub_Confirmation=1
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We’ve got a lot in the pipeline… No prep races, drag events, maybe more Street Outlaws races ;), behind the scenes content we’ll be working on,
build talk on the Conquest’s and Caden’s race truck, plus a bunch more. So if you want to see more, check us out on all our platforms to see more!

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  1. Love the videos Chris you and your boy are both true blue awesome people wishing you guys nothing but the best & good luck at the final race this weekend in Ennis & I know most won't take this seriously however if you need anymore crew for next year I would love to be a crew guy on your team I can fix almost anything I know engines from top to bottom and I'm an extremely fast learner I love racing and everything racing involves I live in West Virginia one state away from where you guys call home all I'm asking for is a shot just a chance to show you what I can do I'm not asking for a handout just a chance at a job I know it's a very very small chance but it never hurts to try and I'll never give up trying either

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