Unfinished Business | Street Outlaw Drag Racing – Buffalo Street Outlaws & Ontario Grudge Wars

Unfinished Business got the business wrapped up for the 2019 race year between Buffalo Street Outlaws (USA) & Ontario Grudge Wars (Canada). In this first ever event, Ian Hill Racing Productions, pitted some of the best street outlaw cars of the north against one another. It was stunning cars, with spectacular racing action all day. Get the popcorn ready, sit back and enjoy!

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  1. Wanted to mention I really liked your "Will Pro Stock Survive" video doc. I think it's done. As a long time fan, I want to see cars that look like cars. Maybe growing up with guys like Alderman, Allen and Johnson were part of it. What also made Pro Stock special was the fact that they actually looked like the cars at the dealership. I hope they do something, would like to see it the way it was. Thanks for the videos as always.

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