This Job Would Have Been WAY Easier With The Rat Rod Wrecker!

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The lights are back on and the building of the Rat Rod Wrecker commences, with a few other shenanigans. Check it out!
Make sure to follow along with us as we build and fabricate cool stuff!!

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  1. Thanks for helping my dad at 88 you find out you can’t do what used to do
    He is lucky to have such good neighbors In his
    prime he would of tore it apart himself thanks❤️

  2. To easily protect your controls, a guard that can be easily folded down would be the easiest way to do it. Since the really only need to protect it from branches when driving down the trails.

  3. well well Rats U R Awesome fellas in general with such disruption w the boys n wifey n gramma so its makes the show ..
    With all the diversity it seem as if we r old skool buddies.. Im sure alot of folks see it like that and im late to the comment pool…Speaking of pool we here cant wait ril summer either from a Seattle lite that Rolls daily on lil gurl 36 inch mudders but at least its not a Subaru and iWE NEVER ever wear sandles or soxxx w sandles.. EVER .lol.. .Im sure u can WHOOP MATTS OFF ROAD WRECKER IN THE OLYMPICS..WENEVER IT HAPPENS..GREAT JOB TO ALL THAT HELP MOM THE EDITOR W LOTS OF OUTTAKES N SILLY BEHIND THE SCENES..U ALL R SUCH A GREAT ADDITION TO ANY ONES ARSENAL OF EXCELLENT VIEWING PLEASURE WHICH SOME DAY SOON GETS U OVER THE HURDLE OF ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS ..GOD BLESS U ALL DAILY…

  4. Look at Paul being all humble like he don’t know what to do I seen this man build a hell anything floor up by himself but with his bro he is nice enough to make him the hero on this good bro man very humble even knowing you know what’s what Paul so you got a big heart in there after all lol good on you for that made his week I bet

  5. I have heard to put a bar of Irish spring under a hood. I was working on a skid steer out in the woods for a logger and he said that’s what he does. The issue I was fixing was a witting problem and this was a new piece of equipment for him so he hadn’t got it put in there yet.

  6. Started watching you and Matt about 2 yrs ago . u have no clue how much u both have pulled me out of my depression. I love you guys . glad the channel is growing !

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