The Old Man’s Turbo Nova Is ALIVE!


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  1. Great job !!!! Did the old man justic!! Does my heart good just to see the old man happy!! I say the old man don’t mean no disrespect. Shit I’m working on sixty three and I’d steal drive a lenko. Any way looks way better than any Ford I’ve ever seen. Now can we all get back to raceing I need my fix and watch y’all kick so ass and take names. Good luck boys

  2. I’m so happy that Tommy, Billy, Big Rob, Uncle Bucko, and Kenny Powers were able to get it done up for Bill. You guys signify what is good in the world. Stay blessed.

  3. Tommy really captured the old man's gratitude and pride in his eyes seeing his old whip up and moving, it's awesome you boys just took the initiative and put the Nova back on track . What an awesome car and a big part of your family's life at one point ..looking forward to the project moving forward !!nice work SRC team !!!

  4. Just watching Bill's face as you go through this video is just awesome. The memories that this must bring back and to know you guys put it back together for him is just awesome. It's also a great looking car. Love those Novas.

  5. how do you tube a car like that when it has a carb and turbos? Im getting my Grandmothers 68 nova and wanted to add turbos onto it but dont know how to tune it. Does it have a ecu computer or would i have to buy one?

  6. Wow bill….it must be quite a feeling after all these years to have parked your nova and to live and raise your kids and do the things you need to do instead of the things you want to do now after all these years your kids are getting your old ride back on the road… you must be really proud of your sons and excited for your old hot rod to hit the strip after all these years… I got to tell you as a fan I feel real proud of you fir the things you have accomplishedand being able to wach this program.. I hope you have a blast… relive some old memories an make a hole lot of new ones.. anyways best of luck with the old girl, from nova scotia

  7. It's me again from nova Scotia just finished watching this video…and it really struck a cord… I no that feeling all to well bill the feeling of letting your car go, I had to let my nova go 5 months ago, I was 19 when I bought it and got it cause of my dad he talked me into it and I had the car for 24 years, and what I felt like when I sold it was kinda how you looked bill… it was hard to let that part of my life go, so I no that feeling, my dad picked up an old 65impala 2 years after I git my car, he was in a car accident when he was 19 long before I was born and was paralyzed from the wast down, so we had extra hand controls I told him we could hook them up I'm my nova but he wouldn't have it he was like this is your car boy not mine, but I wanted him to relive the old car feeling again anyways he bought a impala and drove it fir a few years then git the cancer and he passed away.. anyways watching these videos of you guys iam very envious, and happy fir you all, anyways his old car has been in the basement since he passed in 2003, my dad never complained about being in wheel chair or anything for that matter he was a happy man a very positive man but I tell you there's something about a hot rod that makes you feel a certain way and like I say he never complained but when he was sitting behind the wheel of that car he was in heaven the sound of a v eight and 4 barrels opening I still remember that smile on his face and wish he was here so we could cruze once more , anyways watching this really makes me want to get his old ride running one more time, and maby relive that memory of cruzin with old guy…wish you all the best and really enjoy your videos…. much love from nova scotia

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