THE CALL OUT – Keyboard to Concrete! It’s an East Coast “Call Out” at Atco Dragway! Full Episode

THE CALL OUT – Keyboard to Concrete! It’s an East Coast “Call Out” at Atco Dragway! Full Episode

The “Call Out” TV descended upon New Jersey to find out who’s the baddest grudge racer on the east Coast. Tons of racers showed up to defend the states pride and it all started on the Keyboard and ended on the Concrete at Atco Dragway for The Call Out!

“The Call Out” is a unique show that celebrates the spirit of head-to-head racing. It invites local racers from all over the country to issue challenges to one another in a video Call Out, testing their skills and machines in adrenaline-fueled showdowns. The concept is simple: racers Call Out their opponents online, setting the stage for epic battles on the drag strip.

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  1. Wow this guy from Street outlaws was wondering what happened to him and he got left behind or fell out or whatever man his face hasn't seen around a long time

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