Tesla Plaid vs All BIG-TIRE Cars! ’68 Camaro! 5-Sec T-Bird! Big Block El Camino! 3 Drag Races in 4K!

May 3rd, 2023 at Showtime Dragstrip (1/8 Mile)
The Plaid is weight-reduced and running on the stock Pirelli P Zeros on 19” wheels. (Backseats and most rear material removed. Both front seats are still IN PLACE, along with all door panels, airbags, mirrors, 20 stereo speakers and subwoofer remain intact.)

0:00 Intro
0:23 Showtime Dragstrip, May 3rd, 2023
0:36 Big-Tire ’68 Camaro
1:04 Two-Rotor All-Motor RX-7 (on screen caption is incorrect)
1:26 White Dove NT Nissan
2:10 Big-Tire Big Block El Camino
2:53 Plaid vs Big-Tire T-Bird
5:49 Time Slip #1
6:54 Plaid vs Big-Tire Big Block El Camino
9:39 Time Slip #2
10:08 El Camino Driver, John
10:56 McLaren 570S
11:11 Plaid vs Big-Tire ’68 Camaro
14:18 Time Slip #3
15:00 Big-Tire ’68 Camaro Driver, Claudio
18:45 Closing Comments
19:12 More with John and Crew (El Camino)

TIME SLIPS: (Both Nights: Started at 84% Battery SOC, ended at 79%)
Car: ET, MPH, 60-ft, Reaction, Mode, Result
1: 6.03, 119.55, 1.45, 0.117, Launch Mode*, W vs Big-Tire T-Bird
2: 6.04, 121.00, 1.48, 0.080, Launch Mode*, W vs Big-Tire El Camino
3: 6.16, 119.59, 1.54, 0.086, Launch Mode*, W vs Big-Tire ’68 Camaro
* = Did not get all the way to “Launch Mode Ready”

Thanks to John (‘Third Degree Burn’ El Camino), Claudio (’68 Camaro), and all other drivers for these fun races!

Special Thanks to partners @LueTubeTv and @DragRacingandCarStuff for sharing trackside and grandstand footage!

NHRA ‘Street Legal’ Rules: “Unaltered OEM installed antilock brakes, OEM airbag functions, OEM stock frameunibody construction, including OEM floors and firewall, as well as all other OEM safety-related systems must be functioning as per manufacturer’s specifications.” More at:
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  1. ^ See Description for Video Index, Time Slip Summary, and more ^
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    Special Thanks to partners @LueTubeTv and @Drag Racing and Car Stuff for sharing trackside and grandstand footage!

  2. When taking away the speed restrictions on the Tesla Plaid it will do about 220 MPH. What would happen when you lower the end ratio in the Gears for let's say 50%? It would definitely make the car much quicker from the start.

  3. Hi Andrew, great stuff as usual!

    Have you looked at the track package setup? Track mode and ceramics aside, I'm wondering if those fancy new tires would improve traction enough to make a difference on a drag strip.

    Hopefully that can be found on sale separately if so.

  4. Andrew, great races. Always fun to watch you put the hammer down on those monster ICE drag cars. Your videos promote so much interest in Teslas and their performance Elon needs to start cutting you a check once a month.

  5. I wonder how many cars you can buy that would outrun a Plaid for what it cost originally. I figure at least three or more depending on the type of car it is. Not impressed that someone spent money and bought a fast car, it happens every day.

  6. Great races! That EV fire myth is a bad one that gets around a lot. Your answer was good, as people are always surprised to hear the truth that gas vehicle fires outnumber EV fires 10-1. Still, those racers seem like really great guys, and they recognize the Plaid as a serious challenge. Which makes them try even harder. It is the sign of a good racer to skip the trash talk, and just compete.

  7. An….a question for you,
    i've been watching you race ur Tesla,
    you 've won more than losing,
    do you still feel adrenalin?
    explain to me the feeling of winning and losing.
    thanks in advance

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