Take a Tour of the New 187 Customs Peterbilt Tow Rig! CAT POWERED!

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Take a tour of the new 187 Customs NPK Tow Rig!

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  1. Engine serial is on a tag passenger side rear of the block. It will tell you anything you need to know about the engine. If the tag is gone it will be stamped on the block under the exhaust manifold halfway between pan and manifold. 24.5s have more rubber and last the longest . The Pete’s don’t have as much cab room as others. That’s a jam up truck !! Good luck this year

  2. You will have no issues with that, cause I do 18 wheelers and ever tire for a living 11r24.5 are actually preferred on a big rig! You could do the 315 80 22.5 but in my opinion, you will have absolutely no issues

  3. I don't care what anybody says that c15 will pull, I've driven plenty of trucks for a while. Been a truck driver for 8 years now and I'd bet they never have any problems. Anyone think that being able to drive the 187 crew around would be bad ass

  4. No that cat likes it around 15 to 1700 now you can keep it you can short shift in between 15 to 1600 and short shift and speed shift in between gear pretty quick if you're consecutive gearing and you can gain speed pretty quick little light load

  5. Floating the gears is much easier than double clutching,1500 rpms up to down shift and vice versa 1500rpm drop to shift up. Grabbing the correct gear when navigating a turn is determined by a few variables; grade of road, your GVW, road conditions, etc. Honestly you look like your off to a good start. Have you named it new rig yet?

  6. Where does that Dumb Ass the get that you are going to have bliowouts ? I have driven an 18 wheeler for 22 years and the bigger the damn tire the better and the more hp(horsepower) the Better. Take it From A Real Truck Drivsr : That Mother Freaker is FreAking AWESOME SHAWN !

  7. What is the dimensions of your shop how big is it Does this fit in it please comment back thank you very much for this video and all your entertainment that you do aren'that you do on TVI love the Nova That car is my dream car I would love to build a street car with little less horsepower but look just like it but the roll cage would be all Chrome and the body would be it would be a emron black paint job I had one once before like that

  8. A friend turned me on to your channel, and I am loving it. Thank you for sharing everything!
    I love this one even more since I am a truck driver. I was impressed to see that you can get up through the gears! I'm sure that you can hit 'em all now, and are appreciating that mansion! Be safe and enjoy.

  9. Self canceling flasher are not a thing on real trucks so no there not broken and in cats you don't Rev them out to shift. Now like for comparison on a detroit you can take that sucker to 2100 if you want and shift the fucker and it be none the wiser. On the cat no need to go pass 1400. 3406e/c15 all the same. Makes no difference. And that tire nonsense is stupid. Not even close to being true

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