Cleetus WIPES OUT in Mullet! | Sick Week Day 1

Drag Racing & Test n Tune: Chevy Nova,Red Hulk 🔥🔥🏎️ About Outlaw Armageddon Time

SRC Takes on TOUGH 34 Car Field at NO PREP MANIA 7.0

Cleetus McFarland vs Tom Bailey, Mullet races Sick Seconds!

2023 Yamaha Raptor | 31 Bikes for May

KSR Kevin’s Cutlass Build!! Episode 5, Fitting the Oil Pan!!

First Test Hit with Mullet Express before No Prep Kings Queensland.

Day 2 of Sick Week 2023!! SoccerMom Improves!

Supercharged Holden Torana Rebuild for ‘No Prep Kings Australia’

Fixing a Really ANNOYING Problem with SoccerMom!!

Dr. Pepper Hits the Track & Uncle Chet Try's to be Like Me

Stick Shift Eliminations | Gainesville Raceway | FL2K 2022

Quickest Stick Shift Car Vs Cleetus, Grubbworm's Record Breaking Weekend at #FL2K

XFWD Qualifying Rounds 1-3 | Gainesville Raceway | FL2K 2022

$3500 4 Car Shootout | Cleetus Mcfarland, David Farlow, Grubb Worm, Green Mamba | FL2K 2022

LS George 9.50 Finals @ FL2K 22 Almost to close to call😲

FL2K 22 Cleetus McFarland in Finals 🙀🙀 Another Close Race!!!!

Cleetus McFarland in the Semi-finals 🚀 Mullets Fastest pass!!! Crazy Race🚀 @ FL2K 22

Cleetus McFarland going on to the next Round 🚀🚀🚀 @ FL2K 22

Cleetus McFarland on to the Next Round 🚀 @FL2k 22

Cleetus McFarland gone on to the next round at FL2K 22

Preparing to go Pro Racing again with Lee's Viper!!

Cleetus vs GrubWorm at FL2k 2022

KSR +@PFI Speed Civic = AWESOME!!! FL2K Prep!

LS Fest Friday!! SoccerMom is BACK……Kinda….

Collete brings her Hellcat Swapped Lancer GT to KSR!

Grudge Race Turbo Mustangs! Mullet Wig, LOL! Off the trailer!

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