1. Boosted. Yes the white car is an 80's Commodore (GMH). The car that you asked what is that? Is a somewhere around a VF Valiant Station Wagon (Aussie Mopar?), that someone has paneled in the sides on. Green one is an LX Torana sedan (GMH) lots of hatchbacks there too. The green coupe with the massive hoodscoop is a HT or HG Monaro (GMH) (a real one, not a pretend one like Jeff's) they are virtually the same car with only minor cosmetic changes between the models. Stock looking silver car is another 80's Commodore (VH I think from memory). Red one is another Commodore (yes as common as big bums). The Silver Panel Van (used in the 60's and 70's as tradesman vehicles, so a plumber or electrician would rock up in one of these) is a mid 60's HD model (GMH). The one without the hood is a posh Dunny door (Commodore) it was a luxury model called a Calais (Similar to your Cadillac CTS-V in its day). Last one is a HT sedan (GHM, a four door version of the green Monaro).

  2. I hope you guys show that most of the Aussie cars aren’t full tube chassis cars like what the US guys brought over because there is a big misconception about what is racing including that supposedly “promod” that Jeff ran which is far from a promod. Love the racing and awesome to see the US guys over, hope this happens again in the future

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