Street Outlaws vs. Australia! Race 2 Recap from Willowbank Raceway with Murder Nova!

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Race 2 recap from Willowbank Raceway with Murder Nova

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  1. So regarding the "Abo" thing…..Think of it like the N word with the "Hard R". Indigenous people don't use the word "Abo" as it's seen as derogatory and kinda racist. (some younger indigenous people do use it though)

  2. Huge shout out to all those Australian drag race fans for showing such awesome support for this event. [APPLAUSE! CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP APPLAUSE!!]

  3. We call them boongs also, and if you use a tiny amount of vegemite with a huge amount of salted butter on toast it tastes good, any other way is just to make you look stupid, love ya cunts.

  4. You would think discovery would b sure u have ensurance or something in place to get any damage that happened during shipping to b covered by shipping company if they are responsible for it he’ll may b good idea to put cameras in with car or trail cam so know what cuase problem so could maybe fix issue

  5. win lose or draw mate, we love having you guys over here. your all part of the Aussie family, hell you have been on our tv's for years.. shame few of the other buys aint hear, like Cheif etc. but it is what it is. long as you guys have fun over here & have a good experience.

  6. I don’t think you guys have experienced a proper hot Aussie day tbh. The weather we’re having right now is a nice normal summers day.

  7. i'll keep it short and simple us Aussies aren't on your (american) level, only reason why! is the cost of parts in Australia everything is double its ridiculous

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