Steven Races his 5000HP Camaro / XRP Southern N/T Nationals

Anything can happen with 5000+ Horsepower in 1/8th Mile racing over 200MPH. Steven Fereday brings us along in his recent race in Ferris Texas at Xtreme Raceway Park XRP September 8-10th 2023. Give it a watch!

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  1. your camero is dope, was the sound your brakes and tires locking up when he swerved in front of you? or was that both of yours at the same time trying to avoid each other?

  2. I absolutely love watching your videos. Super talented. My one question is as far as safety in the track, and all those people standing a foot from the car when you're doing burnout? Anything can go wrong in a split second and a lot of people will be in trouble. Just curious why they are so close to the track? I figured they would be in the stands.

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