1. well I had a screwed up year like all year so far 0 help world flipped all around(some one broke in one of my storage units I cleaned it all out trashed )a lot alone moved good stuff to newer rent unit close to home i got 3 units & shed full or less full i junked some of it to ok in august at the lake with my boat alone ( water feet lower can i even get boat off trailer here hell with it go home it like 530 pm oh if small boat will not go in water ps the bigger deeper draft bass boat will never float here either) this whole mess your gonna flip out mad face red when I tell you i paid for help all spring and summer every thing from there sick grandmother had a stroke & they wrecked there car ps that whole mess was there job ok i get a team to do it after it 95% done this place said here pre-clean up sheet it got like 10 things to do before they come !I read it flipped out more & figure i do last 5% my self or just quit) were talking over 7 or 8 grand there & over 2000 i wrecked car fixed wrecked truck it totaled front end 2016 Chevy truck! it was insured it was 4700 dollars repair like grill bumper headlight & bumper on 2 deer ok one i had butchered & i got sick on meat & me too (before this year mess i had mini ford ranger bright yellow v6 5 speed it went in lake to roof the truck looked like new it was 2002 truck ps helper no show ps now all my help split like 3 years ago owing me money and stuff taken stuff too! there like with 30 miles of here its there mother nothing to me but I the guy bailed these fools out of jail and got them a house down payment it crap) i was the money man for play games! there caught! I been thinking drag them to court!! or i got a pile of people for gitmo no court at all half new York state & other run to Tennessee what i have like 9/11 & it was over why i get paid and I really sick! I went threw school a GM backed school & plant built us mail trucks LLV like page drives in! I was adopted in the thing my relation he saw my real father on the boat my relation drove owned he worked at the factory for my relation my relation or uncle to my step father his brother saw my real father where a boat factory owned by forest wood in like mid 1970's he drove a semi truck there fix a old ww2 type boat IE he was a old diesel mechanic on boats this guy from my adoption to see my real father I sick to he was sick too the same 100% death rate cancer oh it controls {ok I a seal adoption it in record the law-firm that handle it had still from lawyer who read file said oh it was real true) right down to the DNA that saved me from death this time! that 100% death rate cancer rule he in my adoption they froze his blood I in awe & this happen oh · ‎Chevrolet on my boat trailer still! I just wish people just do there paid for job like just show up!! it was a turn key operation they screwed that up! Gregg

  2. That trench digging is something I can relate to even though I didn't actually dig the 350' long trenches for water and power to our sons place up the hill from us on family property. The Camaro is just what you have to run in the wide open world of no prep small tire. Throughout the history of motorsport racing its advancements to go faster and faster. Its either adapt and stay competitive or get left behind. Go fast and be safe. God bless you and your family and friends.

  3. I've always been a nova lover ever since I was young. So I was hooked with the OMG nova and then also when you built the big block nova I loved it also. But the camaro I've liked also and this one looks sexy as hell. Definitely a good looking car and I can't wait to see the whole process from start to finish. Love everything u guys do so keep it up guys!

  4. Sell nova as a shell old heavy n slow put combo in 40k 1968 camaro ROLLAAAAAAAAA NO CHROME NO VINYL NO GRILL HEADLIGHTS y would u make her heavy PREGNANT dammmmmm

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