Oh No! The Police Towed The Mustang On Our Way To A Car Show! They Searched The Car And Found…

On our way to the car show we stopped at a gas station to get gas and the policed pulled up and…

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  1. I know that feeling all to well. I got my 61 vw rag impounded 4x back in the early 2000s. I got it out every time, was like $1300 each time(30 day mandatory).The last tow yard tried to keep it, owner sent me a auction notice. It’s was there a week. I showed up with the quickness. They said ohh it’s a mistake “we keep it for the 30 days then if you don’t pick it up goes to auction. I never received any notices llike that beafore. So I showed up on the 30th day this time it was the owner and we got into an argument about him trying to auction my shit then he admitted he was trying to keep the car. He had it parked in the garage next to his office. Then I run into him months later at a liquor store he was like I remember this car it was in my tow yard. I was like you tried to keep it. Still got my bug to this day

  2. Ok, I need and explanation. WTF is the reason or reasoning behind the 30 day impound? I've not lived in CA for decades. Never heard of this shit before. Sounds like a good reason to never go back, though. Come on, somebody tell me WTF is WTF.

  3. As a real car guy I never really paid attention to your channel til I saw this & heard your words. Im old as hell and will be watching your videos from here on. Good luck with your new baby & family. I hope you're all granted everything you work for.

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