NPK Season 6 Testing and Draft Picks

HERE WE GO!!! The Crew is headed to National Trails Raceway for the start of NPK Season 6. This is a Thursday through Saturday event! We start off with testing and the team draft picks! This is going to be an interesting year for sure. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow along for the season.
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  1. I’ll bet people are gonna hate following you guys at night. It’s gonna be like a big mirror in front of them blinding them with their own headlights. Lol

  2. Sure is nice to be watching a Premium Race channel! I just Love the ability to be watching the best content in Racing and what it takes to be the Best behind the scenes without actually being there… If I were rich? Thanks guys!

  3. Seems like a colossal waste of money to detail a Semi before a road trip where it will get dirty in 20 mins on the road? Also black absorbs heat white reflects it.

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