NPK Season 6 Recaps! Race 5, 6, and 7! New England Dragway, Tulsa Raceway Park, and Firebird Raceway

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Race recaps from NPK Season 6! New England Dragway, Tulsa Raceway Park, and Firebird Raceway!

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  1. You guys should make sliders on the bolts that your pecker extender bolt to front of car that way when front end lifts the pecker stays at the original height so you don't get screwed out of win cause front end is in the air at finish line

  2. My first NPK was Tulsa a few weeks back man was it hot but a helluva day well 3 days since it went until almost 4am Sun morning. You guys were great and all the racers were awesome. I would suggest any fan if they can attend an event should do it. Boosted is hilarious interacting with the crowd and being VIP we were on starting line and got to gamble with the regulars out there from the show. Thanks for the great show Boys!!!!!!

  3. I'm not really understanding why people like Chuck and people like birdman are still doing the turbo thing when it's been proven time and time again that it's not competitive in this day and age maybe it was a while ago but I don't quite get it why somebody like reaper would build a car and come out and try to be competitive with something that he knows is not competitive I mean it seems like beating your head against the wall when you know you're not fast enough and you just keep trying the same old thing over and over and over no disrespect to anybody but they know it's not competitive I'm not quite getting this

  4. I am so happy things are getting better. Us fans love yall and know yall are working hard. So if we have to wait on videos its ok. I just cant wait to see you show em you can and will kick there ass.

  5. I'm so happy to see Shawn running with the big dogs finally! Is there any adjustment on the front shocks that will allow the Pecker extender to settle 1/2 inch on the big end? You might trip those lower timing lights faster.

  6. Love these recap videos. You guys are doing damn good. The NPK rules need to change tho. Standard weight across the board, standard tire across the board, standard wheel base etc. The rules are pointless. Pat can have Lizzy’s car set up with an extra 500-1000hp worth of spray but she gets a weight advantage. The pro charged and blown or turbo cars make what they make I get you can tune them, change timing, add boost hit the scramble but the nitros cars actually have the advantage with not only weight but zero restrictions on how many kits they run. Lizzy out ran you cause she hit all 5 kits for an additional 2500hp while being 500lbs lighter, that’s bullish in my opinion

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