Murder Nova Talks About What Happened to the Peterbilt Toterhome. HUGE REPAIR BILL!!!

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Shawn talks about what happened to the peterbilt toterhome and why he wasn’t able to make the Bandimere NPK race.

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  1. Nothing beats a Pete I been otr for years I've had shit boxes and I've had the newest of them all and none them beat the feeling I get when I jump in my 359 Pete

  2. I hate it when that happens to me when I am far away from the company and home. Dispatchers try to find a good wrecker service and mechanic shop at a truck stop to fix the issue. If I am about a days drive. Company will send the wrecker and a day cab to transport the trailer.

  3. Every owner operator out there feels your pain. They are one dropped valve away from going out of business. A in-frame along with a big ass tow bill and you are out 50k. Add a couple of weeks with zero revenue and unless you have a lot saved up or great credit you are done.

  4. Welcome to big trucking. Most decent wrenches know where everything goes without more than a glance. It's a bit disconcerting if you aren't used to it but big trucks in that era are pretty dumb so no worries.

  5. Damm that sucks! I just had to rebuild my million mile ISX Cummins due to a liner drop for 30K with new head and some extra’s, but I wasn’t in the middle of Tim Buck 2 either. SUCKS

  6. You could just tell from the opening of this video that that shop was a shithole, and probably run by a "shade tree mechanic" – at best. I'm so sorry that you had to go thru that, but like you said, you didn't really have a lot of options. Good luck next year.

  7. COPART is a shitty company. They cheat the customers and they screw over their employees!!!!! Sorry it happen to you Cleatus but you and your guys can fix it back. It be sweet

  8. I "know" time is $$$$$$$$$. But, I have to make the observation, perhaps this might have actually been the best time to In-Frame it when you factor in $$$$$ and you're already almost there vs the cost of starting over later. A little more now vs a lot more $$$$ to get back to where you are now than starting over at the end of the season!?!?!?!? Having said that…I have no idea the $$$$$ for you showing up, much less all the repercussions with sponsorships and all or "everything" that's involved in the decision making process in regard to that?!?!?!?!?! I do not have the input necessary to question your decision. This is just a "common sense" guy that has zero concept of everything you have to factor into your decisions. If only I had a clue as to what all the monetary repercussions you have to factor into every decision you make, I might have different perspective. Fantastic Fail-Safe acquiring Little Pete!!! And the "off-season" plans to correct the problems I was thinking this is when replacing instead of fixing to get us to….well…who knows how long the "stuck in the middle of nowhere (aka BumfuckedEgypt) scenario put you in a Lose / Lose situation. Your primary goal is to get you to a situation where you at least have "some control" which beats the Hell out of a situation where you have no control!!!!

  9. I have come to the conclusion that you guys love adventure. Maybe you can dial it down a degree or so. Serious now. I am very encouraged that you were able to help your self with the little Pete. Combining the ability to have a back up in an emergency AND reduce your costs at the same time is very well Done. Keep up the good work. No more excitement for a while please.

  10. My God fellas. I feel like I need to sit here and correct your semi knowledge. Supply and service lines, etc. Lmao. Don't mind me. I love the Pete, but over 2 decades of driving gives me trucker OCD listening. Thanks for the video update though. I've heard so many this happened and that happened, it's good to get the real story!

  11. Now that Chief is no where to be fund, and with Dominator's exposé, i can only now appreciate why you parted ways.. much koodo to you for the way you did it. We can now see real peoples, dealing with real issues, and smiling because of the real passion. Wins are bonus when they happen. Keep up the good stuff !

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