Making My R1M Faster WITHOUT Gaining Horsepower- PLUS DUCATI PANIGALE V4 Dyno Run

The Yamaha R1M project gets another modification that makes the 60-130 faster and it didn’t gain any more horsepower. Also, surprise guest on the channel… a DUCATI Panigale V4

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  1. Like this series! I'm a gen 2 busa owner but their is no denying the 2015+ R1s. Incredible bike Chris!

    For reference… My bone stock 2011 Hayabusa with me @ 210 pounds does 5.3 second 60-130mph. 2nd gear hit. My dream is 3.9s! LOL

  2. Roll racing is exciting!!! NOT…..Total destruction of one of the most technically advanced bad ass Track Bikes on the planet, Go hit a road race track with that bitch and have some real fun, lap after lap of pure adrenaline vs 10 seconds of what ever your doing….lol

  3. @Chris Moore It says unverified when the draggy only has 1 satellite connected at that time, it won’t be verified unless it has two satellites.

  4. I bet most of the cops know you by now lol. oh and to add more horse power…. go to the gym and lose a couple of pounds haha. and of course your method to strip weight off of the bike where you can.

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