LMP Stage 4 ZL1 vs 8 Second Supra

In Today’s video, Del goes up against a 1,100+ whp Supra for some big money. This Supra has been 8 seconds at 170 mph at the track… But this is the street. Find out what happens…. Big thanks to 301-1320 for the extra angles and footage!

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  1. those cars have a ton of empty space behind the bumper that builds tumbling air at speed. my guess the headlights are out to create an air stream instead of turbulence to reduce drag. tape some strings to it and show us lol

  2. If the car goes sideways, the hole scoops up the air like a bucket and creates a high-pressure area to keep car planted on ground. This is what the hole is for.

  3. I think he took the headlight out to get a better view of the go pro on the front bumper just below the headlight itself. The light was probably blocking the view of the finish line just in case the race was real close.

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