LAST Challenger 909hp!?!

2023 Challenger Hellcat Redeye 909hp model in LAST Call? The 2023 Last Call Chargers & Challengers haven’t been very impressive. Most are decal & appearance packages that will see a large mark up from dealerships. In 2024 Dodge will be heading into an EV line up with Charger & Hornet so 2023 is the last chance to get into a V8 Hemi.

This final Last Call Challenger is the big one & Dodge knows it’s their last chance to impress. Many believe it will be a Hellcat Redeye on e85 or race fuel that will be 850+hp to 909hp.

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  1. It's crazy that ford can build muscle cars and also has several hybrid and ev cars. Dodge oh were going all ev yaaay! I'm waiting on the dark horse now no more dodge for me

  2. You got to realize this is the end so whatever technology They have in the warehouse and left over's ( Engines, color ideas etc they will sell to the Public That's why its called last call… Almost like going out of business clean everything out because Dodge is moving forward with electric Almost like going out of business clean everything out because Dodge is moving forward with electric So why not buy up the last little bit of stuff in the warehouse if they offer it for sale

  3. Gas prices are gonna skyrocket soon we may see 10$ a gallon quicker then we think. But even if they do I'll work harder to fill my scatpack up Idc im never going electric

  4. Fiat dodge has been stupid for years!!They have looked the same since they came out,they did not use any money for R/D,they used the money on stupid stickers.They came out with high power from the factory thats only good for driving strait.No suspension work,thats why they fall APART on a TRACK.I am shocked that their fans are complaining about the last ones that have nothing but new stickers and names.They havent said shit about how the car has NOT changed since it came out.They know their fan base is not too smart at all!!Ford is still KING!!

  5. Now the banshee EV concept seems pretty cool, but to shaft all the V8s in favor of it is a poor decision. The technology is not there yet and even if it was, Dodge is a muscle brand. Muscle is what they are known for. Personally I think Dodge should look into hydrogen. Hyundai's N concepts have shown us that hydrogen powered performance is possible. I want to see the banshee do well but I'm also curious to see where this goes.

  6. Nah bro, everything you said was extremely on point! True Die Hards definitely would like to remain with the brand and that unveil was the biggest let down. I’m hoping all the negative backlash will do some good, very obvious why they pulled out. I’ve personally been very interested and hyped up about the whole Direct Connection.

  7. All manufacturers are having the same problems with supply chain. I have been checking my local Dodge dealer and they have almost no inventory and hardly anything in-transit or production. I think Dodge is stalling to keep interest until they can catch up with model releases.

  8. On the other hand, Tim mentioned that they will show a different version of the EV Charger at sema with the different aftermarket options it's going to be interesting

  9. Hopefully Dodge is evaluating their mistake. Glad you and your family are safe after the hurricane. I was actually at Disney World when it came through. It was basically the same as your experience. Keep up the good work!

  10. Ur better off with a 392… rt not worth upgrades… 909? Did u just pull that info out of ur behind? Hw would anyone know that??? I’m putting my money on a red eye with direct connection goodies… that’ll pump it to almost 900

  11. I'm done with all the hype and speculation.
    Dodge can just go have Several Seats now!!!
    Same car, same engine, just different color schemes.
    If you're not making something beyond the Demon…
    what's all the talk about then? What else is there to say?

  12. As much as I love these new as well as their original Muscle Cars, it kind of baffles me that they are putting so much effort into the horse power ratings of these final V-8 offerings. From a corporate viewpoint it seems contrary to their best interests, at this point at least.

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