1. John you're an amazing ambassador to the sport and well deserved of the title Legend"
    I remember the Wild Bunch days when you and I think Kevin or Gary (cant remember his first name) Baxter were the first to put KB engines in a doorslamer and man they were wild, but my fondest memory was at Calder Park in the mid ninety's don't quote me when you became the worlds fastest lawn mower peddling it in the grass to miss the out of control ex Gatt EA falcon running i think you still ran a winning low 7 just under 200 mph form that day forth you had my total respect and in my opinion you are the best doorslamer driver to date.

  2. Top compeditor. Top Bloke. In a Holden GTS HQ Top Doorslammer. Always great to see Zapp blasting down the quarter mile. Love the drags. Been a pleasure to see a fair chunk of John's career. Think I was going to the drags when he won his 4th Australian title. Great team. Awsome that his son is coming through the ranks. So when John eventually retires their will still be a Zappia representing WA. GO Zapp……

  3. He is a nice bloke who remembered my face and name many years after I hadf last met him. Deserves everything he has attaained and hope to run into him again one day. Makes me proud to be a West Aussie.

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