Jegs family join Street Outlaws / No Prep Kings Futures with Paige Coughlin

Troy and Paige Coughlin stopped by at FuelTech USA’s Hub Dyno with big news for the 2023 season. Paige will run No Prep Kings powered by Pro Line Racing & ProCharger and controlled by FuelTech FT600.

Check out how the dyno session went.

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  1. These are some good people, always humble , you would think they would be bulldogging their way in because of their name , but they have never once ever used their name to push their way around , and Paige just wants to show she can and is willing to earn her way up, sure she has unlimited backing , but that doesn't change her attitude about wanting to work for it , and it's great for the health of the series , to attract these big names , because they'll become big supporters of the series

  2. Certainly great advertisement… I know I haven't watched an nhra event other than some highlights in years. I think we'll see more big companies get into it… not good for the little guys, but it's already top heavy now.

  3. Troy headed to npk… who would have ever thought a race some street racers started would grow to be a popular as it is today! Npk all day baby

  4. Fantastic video Loved the commentary love to hear how much they appreciate the full venues street outlaws discovery channel for finding the 405 our the ones that put the fire back in drag racing.

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