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  1. JJ
    You spoke about Brandon James losing to Jerry Bird (sp) last year. Although, Jerry was determined to have won, Brandon actually cross the line first but didn't trip the beam. That one should have went to video. I'm sorry but Brandon won that one.

  2. I like Doc a lot but he shoots himself in the foot more often and in critical times when he needs to win. On paper he should win 80% of the races he beats himself in. The other 20, it wouldn't matter. Those are the Kye Kellys, Lizzy Musi and Ryan Martin to name a few.
    I hope he does great, the rest of this season.

  3. 2 dominators, true street racer guy playing he was always clutch on the street some drivers used to complain about taking dominator out of town. Big chief always stood behind him, and said. always comes through when they need him.

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