I WRECKED MYSELF….. – Hickory Motor Speedway

I’m dumb.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 Intro
1:30 Practice
2:17 Qualifying
2:57 Pre Race
3:17 Start of race
6:47 Wrecked
7:29 Race Resumed
9:35 Idiot Moment
10:19 Explanation and Outro

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  1. Man brother everybody and every great races at nights like you had keep your head up. You know and I know and your team knows y'all better than what y'all staying is look forward to seeing you at Martinsville coming up. I look forward to purchasing the new shirt and hopefully meeting you at the Martinsville race… AIRDOG#1

  2. Keep your head up Doug your a better driver than that you can win every time your level headed cause your the best driver iv seen in a while your a damm good driver GOOD LUCK

  3. You owned up to your mistake and I think it shows your passion and that you're human like all of us! Keep on working on your mental toughness and get the national championship next year!

  4. Glad to see you take ownership of the mistake in judgement. It's clear to anyone who follows racing that you have a great amount of talent and a have a bright future in the sport. But you have some maturing to do. You'll get there, just be patient.

  5. Man I do enjoy your videos and you are a heck of a wheel man and I may just be the old way type and worry bout kids little to much but I wish you would bleep out alot of the cussin , my grandson is a Hugh fan of you but it's hard to let him watch because of all the words but like I said it may just be me and my family, I just don't think kids need all that in their ears

  6. I was about to comment and tell you how stupid it looked blaming Connor for everything until you owned up to it and took ownership and apologized for it. It's part of racing man, we get mad in the car but owning it after you cooled down takes a different breed.

  7. Hey I don’t blame for almost wrecking the 45 car I myself have been in the same situation with a kid who race me dirty and door slammed me for a 5th place finish and the next race I was going to wreck him in practice but I didn’t and hear later that week he blow a motor so karma is good and good luck air Douggie for the next race

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