1. Thats interesting that spinning the blower slower has that effect on the power curve. I woukd think faster=more power. Thats why i listen to Steve Morris. I learned something today.

  2. Did yall reverse the wall fans to suckl air in? Because they sled up insanely. I stead of sucking them shut.
    Pretty damn good idea. See in as the way your air pumps run lol. Lien freaking. Jeslt engines hahahaha

  3. I just understand how hard it is to speak in absolutes when you deeply understand a complex system. Some people just say stuff and claim that's it. Though in complex systems, things might function that way with one example and are completely different in slightly different setups. When you know that, you will struggle to make simple claims that generalize things. I love how Steve explains his claim because he truly understands the matter to the finest nuances and doesn't want to miss inform people even if the claim is right for that setup. He takes the time and explains. That's why watching it is a joy.

  4. How is this a coil on plug? When there is wires? There is not a box and boot. I probably don’t know what I’m talking about so that’s why I’m asking?

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