Gutted Tesla Plaid Giving the Hit EVERY RACE! Two C3 Vettes! G-Body! Four New Drag Races in 4K UHD!

December 28th, 2022 at Showtime Dragstrip! (1/8 mile)
The Plaid is weight-reduced and running on the stock Pirelli P Zeros on 19” wheels. (Backseats and most rear material removed. Both front seats are still IN PLACE, along with all door panels, airbags, mirrors, 20 stereo speakers and subwoofer remain intact.)

0:00 Intro
0:23 Showtime Dragstrip Dec 28th 2022
0:34 Buick Regal on Hoosiers w/Chute
1:56 Trailered C3 Corvette (White) vs Plaid
5:18 Time Slip #1
5:50 Big Boost BMW M3 Competition (2 runs)
7:13 BMW Driver Javier
7:56 Another C3 Corvette vs Plaid
9:27 Time Slip #2
10:06 Buick Regal T-Type Turbo6
10:45 Big-Tire Camaro
11:08 Lexus SC300 1100HP!
15:00 Orange Crush vs Plaid (Round 1)
16:41 Time Slip #3
17:50 Orange Crush Driver Max
19:11 Big Boost BMW M3 Competition (3rd run)
19:41 Orange Crush vs Plaid (Round 2)
21:38 Time Slip #4
22:26 Max’s Reaction to WALL
24:19 More with Max (Orange Crush Driver)

TIME SLIPS: (Started at 95% Battery SOC, ended at 83%)
ET, MPH, 60-ft, Reaction, Mode, Result
1. 6.02, 121.46, 1.48, (gave move), Launch Mode*, W vs White C3 Corvette
2. 6.26, 120.22, 1.58, (gave move), Launch Mode*, W vs Orange C3 Corvette
3. 6.37, 118.45, 1.61, (gave move), Launch Mode*, L vs Orange Crush
4. 6.36, 120.16, 1.63, (gave move). Launch Mode*, W vs Orange Crush
* = Did not get all the way to “Launch Mode Ready”
** = Peak Performance was NOT Ready

Thanks to Max (Orange Crush), Javier (BMW M3) and all other drivers for these fun races!

Special Thanks to partners @LueTubeTv and @DragRacingandCarStuff for sharing trackside and grandstand footage!
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  1. Overdrive on the top? Not that I'm aware of. /granny shifts down the track Where did that guy come from? lol Didn't seem to know much about his car or how to drive it. wow

  2. No way I can't believe this video only got 642 views and only 100 liked it?? what is not to like here? This is one of the best channels on youtube. I love all the great drag racing action that you try to keep so competitive. I like the great commentary you do as well as all the banter with other drivers. You make it like being right there at the track. Thanks for all the hard work you do to get these awesome videos out there. Have a great New Year and good luck at the track.

  3. Thanks for the races! It is interesting that the lower grip right lane caused the Plaid to spin a bit and get a slower time. And the Orange Crush with similar conditions almost went into the wall. Good recovery by the driver.

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