Gasser Wars Reunion Drags 2023 | Wild, Wicked and Rowdy with wheelie in-car footage!

And finally we’re back in the action with the wild and rowdy gassers here at the Gasser Wars Reunion Drags 2023!
Rust, patina, tire smoke, petrol fumes, loud revving V8s…you name it! That’s what makes it the coolest old-school gathering of the year!
The videolog starts with a general introduction of all the cars, then some racing and after that we get to experience both ‘Running on Empty’ and ‘Strange Magic’ from inside the cockpit!
As it always happens with Gassers, the footage is prime and filled with unscripted stuff, I was able to get some incredible footage so enjoy this video and tell us what’s your fav car out of this crazy bunch!

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Video Chapters
00:00 Intro
00:51 The Crew
06:31 Let’s go Racing
10:49 Running on Empty
14:05 Strange Magic
17:07 SUBSCRIBE !!



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