FMS 1/24 scale Smasher FCX24 Blue White 4WD Bigfoot RC car RTR Unboxing

🎉FMS 1/24 scale Smasher FCX24 RTR
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FMS Announcement
The FCX24 transmitter has been iteratively updated as a result of the supplier’s latest batch update. The new FCX24 transmitter retains all core functions of the previous version while removing one channel.

Bigfoot is a unique form of racing car in North America, which began with the popular pick-up off-road mud racing in the 1980s. This was originally an activity for car enthusiasts to entertain themselves. Off-road driving and dragging usually determined the outcome. Driving on muddy ground requires chassis heightening kits and large-diameter tires. The bigger the tires, the better for driving in mud and swamps, and the higher the mud splash, the more excited the audience gets. Driven by this violent aesthetic, all kinds of wildly modified cars eventually turned into two-story monster trucks with huge tires.
Today’s Bigfoot races are usually held in gyms and are divided into three parts: racing, two-wheel tricks, and freestyle performances. The huge tires provide unparalleled passing ability. With sufficient power, two-wheel driving, jumping, and even somersaults can be easily performed. It is absolutely spectacular.

About the model
The FMS 1/24 Bigfoot model- SMASHER adopts the FCX24 chassis. The huge hollow tires provide excellent shock absorption. The two-speed gearbox, controlled by the third channel, can not only provide strong torque but also support high-speed off-road driving. The front and rear axles are equipped with planetary gear differentials by default, which is conducive to high-speed off-road driving, posture simulation, and outstanding cornering performance. Meanwhile, straight axle parts without differentials are also provided for users to replace themselves. When the straight axle parts are replaced, the differential function of the front and rear axles is lost but its climbing ability is completely released, and no matter whether it is rocks or mud, it can pass through powerfully. Of course, the hybrid solution of installing a straight axle on the rear axle and installing a differential on the front axle is also an option, which not only enables high-speed off-roading but also retains a certain climbing ability.
The portal axle is a major feature of the FCX24. With huge tires, the ground clearance of the chassis is further increased, and the vehicle’s passability is further enhanced. Driven by the sheer power of the 130 motor, it can raise its head and tilt its tail. The car body design restores the appearance of a first-generation American pickup truck. The exquisite stickers and an overabundance of electroplated parts bring us back to that crazy and bloody era.

1. Ready to Run model
2. Two-speed transmission (controlled by the third channel)
3. Front and rear axle planetary gear differentials
4. Ball bearings full set
5. Remote control lighting system
6. Portal axle
7. Metal gears steering servo
8. Four-link suspension
9. High-strength integrated nylon frame
10. Rapid separation of car body
11. Painted Body
12. Original personalized stickers
13. Plated scaled details
14. 2.4GHz radio

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  1. What about the little red and white dip switches for drag brake? Looks like they cheapen out after sending all of the review trucks with this function.Almost wish I did not have this on order now………..

  2. Come one FMS, this is not OK! You send all YT reviewers the version with the Tx that has more functionality to get everyone hooked and then expect us to buy a new version with less functionality? Are you telling me we will no longer be able to toggle ESC settings in any way?

  3. This one came on my blue one and no matter what it still never would rev throttle
    I junked this one I had a spare out of my power wagon now it works like my white one that came with the proper transmitter
    Big disappointment on this one.

  4. I believe they use Flysky ANT protocol. The old radio with esc setting is MG41 and the new one without is MG4. Seriously, the radio should improved over time, not go backwards. Take it from LC Racing 1/14 cars. They started with nimh and a 2 channel Batan radio and over time improved them to lipo and a 4 channel Flysky G4P radio. without increasing the price.

  5. The new MG4 radio absolutely sucks in comparison, was super frustrated when I got my Max Smasher and it had the downgraded v2 radio. Hope this gets rectified for future buyers.

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