Fixing & cleaning my new Honda Fit

So in this Video We trouble shoot my Honda Fit to try & figure out what all is wrong with her.
& give her a deep clean
We ended up replacing the Front Wheel bearing
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  1. i think it would be cool to see just how fast a fit could be made for say 2k to 3k That could buy a 500.00 nitrous kit, you could upgrade with purge and window switch and bottle heater as you go, if you blow a motor they like 500 bucks on average. you could remove bumpers beams, all seats. And just replace drivers seat with a 40.00 summit racing 12 pound plastic seat, You could gut 4 doors remove crash bars and remove paneling ect prob good for atleast 400 pounds, maybe 450. I believe all the seats are about 170 pounds replace front rims with rpf1s less rotating mass 460.00 plus tires i think with all that done you could be around 6 to 6.5 0 to 60 with a 50 shot. With a car wieght around 2000 pounds. I know its still not all that fast but for 2k you could hang with a stock Rsx type S. Maybe the best bang for your buck. However the hp ceiling maxes out fast without a built motor. Anyway good luck.

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