First time drag racing my Elantra N couldn't wait to get to the dragstrip 😃

It’s my first time drag racing especially my Elantra N. I was invited by my friend Peter and he’s EVO X crew to have some fun on a dragstrip. It was one of my happiest day in my life it was so cool and adrenaline rush for sure when somebody pulls up next to you, I even had a small grudge race against e92 bmw m3 😎 #elantran #hyundaielantra #hyundaielantran #hyundai #2022elantran #bmw #bmwm3 #bmwm3e92



  1. Good stuff man, 13.4 is pretty damn good for a stock 2L turbo car with factory tires and no burn out nothing. With a good tire up front and a nice burn out and it's probably a 13.0-.13.2 car stock.
    Any plans for mods at all or no?

  2. Good stuff my dude. It seems like you had a lot of fun. That EN is the best bang for your buck for sure and it's 4 cylinder with all this inflation perfect!

  3. Awesome stuff bro! A 13.4 for your first time at the track is great! I have been to the track probably 25 times and my best run I’ve ever had was a 13.4 in my previous car, a modded 09 Charger R/T. The N straight stock running the same time is so encouraging. I can’t wait to get to the track, but I have to wait a couple months before it cools down here in Tennessee. Great content as usual man!

  4. ~13.4 sec on 1/4 mile is very good for a stock 4 cylinder turbo. In your case, it's ironic that Albert Biermann's last work with Hyundai was the Elantra N, who designed the chassis for the most famous M3 in E46.

  5. My dude you have a wicked positive energy. Great to see you enjoy your EN so much. Congrats on nearly breaking 100mph on your first 1/4 though! The shitbox I did my first 1/4 in ran like an 18 haha. M3 kill is no joke too. That moment the guy realized his bimmer got gapped by a stock Hyundai haha.

  6. Bullet, I'm a corner-rascal type, not a digger; that said, I've had to turn a wrench more than I care to think about. If I can make a recommendation: don't hit NGS until you hit 3K RPM in 2nd gear. It should reduce initial wheel hop, and the extra 10 HP will last the rest of the drag with more traction to take advantage of it.
    Great runs, and if I'm wrong, don't shoot me!

  7. Sold my e92 m3 competition for my EN. It definitely does not have the same throw you back grunt the m3 had, but around town the m3 does not feel any faster than the EN, especially since you had to rev it out to make any power.

  8. Public drag is the best–I have a Kona N now and plan on going.I had an AWD Stinger GT 3.3TT for a year and on street tires it dominated at public drag–I have my videos on here also.Many Powerful RWD cars like American muscle cars will be running high 12s to low to mid 13s on street tires because of lack of traction.I actually got booteed in my stinger because I was running under 13 seconds and at that trap time you need a helmet–BTW the announcer announced my car as a TRD camry in one race as i trounced a Focus RS.

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