Driving my Twin Turbo S10 for the first time (Since Upgrades)

In todays video we drive the S-10 for the first time since doing all the upgrades to it! ————————————————————————————————————————–

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  1. Love the way the oh truck looks!!! Very cool and unique piece. Billy you are a talented young man! Hope to see you back in the winner’s circle soon. I’ve been off work all week and I have been binge watching your channel and G2G and TOMG! Love y’all’s content!!! Thanks for the entertainment

  2. i cant wait to see the summer with the s10 please come to kentucky drag way again. we’re having 4 slug fest. it would definitely be an honer to watch you race an meet one of my most favorite people on youtube

  3. Proud of you and your channel!! BTW not sure if you watch Cleetus McFarland on YouTube, his newest video he is getting ready for some no prep action in a few weeks. Might look him up and see. Could be some great exposure for your family! Thanks and keep up the great content.

  4. You all should have a friends and family barbeque, everybody bring a dish to share, their, girl/spouse, hot rod and favorite music to play.
    Spring kick off.

  5. Robs such a great guy who is always there. He should really start taking his health and weight issues seriously before he causes irreverent damage. Billy or Tommy whoever sees this tell him to go check out Reapers channel. He has lost some serious weight from a simple surgery that was only a few thousands dollars. Reaper talks about it in a few videos and how he felt before and after along with the whole process. It would be a great appreciation present for Rob that will last a lifetime and I'm sure his family would be thankful.

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