Diecast Trash Talking… featuring Lizzo?? #shorts #racing #diecast

Percy Hahn of the Winged Apes talks some mean smack in the diecast garage… especially about Europoors Sigfried (Siggy) Surrey. Apparently Hahn thinks Siggy’s 1971 Porche 914 is no match for his Nissan Leaf Nismo, and won’t even make it down the hot wheels track on Corsa Luna. You can watch Hahn and Surrey duke it out as they race one-on-one in the most recent Grudge Match.

#diecast #racing #lizzo #hotwheels
Percy Hahn (Nissan Leaf Nismo) vs. Sigfried Surrey (1971 Porche 914)
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Tomorrow is today. Diamond-handed apes are racing on the moon following the Great MOASS, battling it out for lunar supremacy!

With bank balances looking like phone numbers and their space-garages overflowing with cars, sixty-four of the moon’s bravest apes put their lives and diecast 1/64 scale cars on the line to settle once and for all which ape takes home all the bananas and is crowned the Racin’ Space Ape Lunar Drivers’ Champion.

These drivers will compete in individual troops to see who will advance to the Lunar Championship, where they will then compete for the overall crown. Join announcers Buck Birch and Rider Creed as they broadcast all the diecast racing action!

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