CRIKEY! Yachts, Vegemite, and Steve Irwin’s Zoo! Week 2 of Exploring Australia!

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Boat rides, vegemite, and Steve Erwins zoon in this episode of our adventures in Australia!

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  1. Damn guys! You said you don’t like Yankees with some hatred in your voices. I’m from NJ and have been a Yankees fan since I was a kid. So we ain’t cool??? Do I need to send you a case of Diet Dr. Pepper and a Yankee hat?

  2. Shawn – "look that kid just fell hahahahahaha'' 
    I love how Shawn has zero filter and when he gets with big country them too are bound to hurt some feelings and be politically incorrect which is why we all love them! On another note, gauges for a impala ss?? sounds like Shawn got another bucket list car!!!!

  3. I love Dr pepper, can't get it 🙁

    Appreciate the content guys, was awesome meeting you both, just the same in person as y'all are on the tube, it's refreshing

  4. If at all possible do the Sydney harbor bridge climb and hit the Sydney zoo. The movies in the park by the opera house are great fun. Darling harbour and circular quay are wonderful.

  5. Hey Erin sorry you can’t find much to eat but just watched a video from after the third race track and you can tell you’ve lost some weight keep it off you’ll fell much better. Have fun guys.

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