1. That sucks about you not being on fastest in America if anyone deserves to be there on small tyre it's you brother, but at the end of the day we your fans know you would've won that shit heap race easily and in regards to this track it's got danger written all over it be safe all ,but go Aussies !!!!

  2. you guys do a lot of complaining, its a no prep surface, i cant see the problem, except for the step in the track, its what you guys wanted, a NO prep surface, you got it, get on with it, Sydney gets used every weekend, Calder has only come back in use over the last few months after a 3 or 4 year break….

  3. no prep people having a cry about a no prep track suck it up princess should have gone to Heathcote this track has more history and had more american driver's then Heathcote will ever see

  4. It's also absolutely amazing ya all got to go over there and have this experience it's awesome wow that looks like this track is gonna be a real handful not that ya all aren't used to crazy changes in surfaces but damn bro ugh lol

  5. Chris,I think you have the better deal, fastest in America or not. That transition is going to be interesting.
    Saw a locals video that says the starting line has some bite seeing Kyes Shocker studying the stars.

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