BREAKING: Dodge's Last Call Finale BLOWS UP due to Electric Supercharger?

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Dodge’s Last Call Finale keeps getting delayed because it’s engine keeps BLOWING UP and I think it’s due to the electric supercharger? I am headed to SEMA 2022 in the morning and I think Dodge will still make their reveal of the last and final in the Last Call line of cars, but I know they’ve been going through some pains in getting it together. The electric supercharger offers instant torque and power and frees up horsepower from the engine, but is it proving to be too much for the engine to handle?

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  1. Iam just gonna be happy with my black ghost that will be the holy grail one day I don’t care for this new hidden car if I want more hp I’ll change pulleys an run 110 otc I don’t ever use e85 I’ll pass I hate that stuff just junks up the fuel system and u have to run it out dry Iam not doing all that stuff I’ll just run race fuel always have

  2. This is awesome and they need to put more out than Demon owners. I could see doing it for Demon owners but c’mon that’s BS and they’ll sell more-they need to just buy more EPA credits from Elon-he sells all of his. I have a pretty good hook up so I’m still going to try. The gas station one block from me has E85 and it’s always over 85. Guys say it’s in the 90s most of the year. They should just put that 3.0 supercharger on it along with that electric Supercharger and so if there’s any problems with fuel the computer will switch over to the other Supercharger! Because what happens if Corn goes away -if anyone is paying attention to this Democrat party you’ll know what I’m referring too. Not only Corn gas but actually Corn itself and how much the farmers are allowed to grow and some have been told to destroy it. For real.

  3. I hope it is not limited to the original owners. I got a Demon as fast as I could but missed out. I hope they allow current Demon owners and exclude dealers. I hope we all get hooked up.

  4. Sorry but that's one thing I hate about Dodge. They spend a ridiculous amount of money on engineering and design just for limited production. To me that's wasteful business. If 1000 people want the car than make a 1000 cars. Dodge should learn from tesla because at tesla you order one you get one there is no limited production in that company. Doing limited production means you're leaving money on the table and that's bad for business.

  5. Great into Demonology, as usual! Ok, one follow-on question. You said you have to be an ORIGINAL Demon owner. Like you, I fit that bill. I wonder if Dodge will ALSO have a requirement that you STILL need to OWN your original Demon! THAT would make the most sense since it means you have NOT FLIPPED the car for $$ even though you easily could have for significant profit. If I were Dodge I would not want to sell to an insta-flipper. So, did you hear any mention of that from Dodge? That you must STILL own your original Demon?

  6. The reason they are doing the Demon owner deal is that when Dodge unveiled the Demon in 2018 Tim Kuniskis promised Demon owners that it would be the FASTEST drag car Dodge would ever make. Opps! Enter the #7 Halo car. So to make up for that he is offering this final car to original Demon owners (that still have the car…I presume)

  7. Wait wait wait, idk about the supercharger on the demon but the super chargers I’m used to don’t need to “spool up” they are turned by the engine. How exactly would that work if it’s belt driven? That’s just normally launching a car by keeping the rpms high.

  8. If this car comes with an AWD system (like the Trackhawk & Hellcat Durango) with that power it's over for the competition. Not really holding my breath for the AWD though. Oh Demonology, if anyone deserves this last call halo car it's you man. I don't' doubt that your name will be in the drawing to get one for sure!

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