ABANDONED Barn Find Camaro will it RUN AND DRIVE after 23 years?

This is a legitimate abandoned 2nd Gen Camaro, left in a pole barn for over 2 decades. Let’s see if we can get it running and driving again!

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email vicegripgarage@gmail.com

PO BOX 2088
Lewisburg, TN
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  1. I’m thinking he drilled out the body to get into the truck cus it was locked, and no key, because he wanted to save the original lock in case he came across the key in the trunk. Figured he had body work to do anyway. Might as well save original lock

  2. It needs some body work. How about a rattle can paint job? And not a complete trash job, but the best rattle can paint job possible. Use K2 paint, clear coat even. Candy apple red. Then get the Mexican upholstery job, new front glass and some spit shine.

  3. That car was made in the same week as I was . Takes me a while to get going somedays, my harmonic dampener needs attention and Im also told that I dont know when to just Stop!

  4. Hey Derek this is Jacob from California Mojave desert I have a 64 Buick wildcat coupe I'm just getting ready to paint it silver cloud but your videos have helped me so much thank you

  5. You ever considered selling this Camaro? I had the exact same one. It was the only thing my dad and I did together. I had to let it go 8 years. And I want another to build in his honor

  6. Love the second gen camaros my family owns 3 1980s mines a base model ttop, moms is a base model, and my little sisiter has a z28. I guess if you count my sisters boyfriend we have 4 second gens he has a 79 z28. It's nice to see one thats in the condition getting some love.

    Well being a diehard GM guy particularly Chevrolet (especially Camaro) flat back window second gens are getting harder and harder to find why not make a 70 1/2 split bumper Z-28 clone? I mean being as it's a flat back window n all.

  8. In regards to Market cigarettes, I've never heard of them either. Apparently an RJ Reynolds product though, and on the market in the last decade or so, but not sure if they still are. Surprisingly little information out there.

    Oh and as far as what to do with the car, sell it for parts, swap the engine into something that needs it and move right along to the next project.

  9. Even though the Camaro is pretty well stuffed… please do what you can to bring it back from the grave. There will only be less of these and not more as the years go by! But I understand if it's not economically viable… in which case you have a great engine and not a few parts for other projects/ resurrections.

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