A New Era BEGINS in the NHRA!

We take you to the 2023 NHRA Gatornationals at Gainesville Raceway where a new era of drag racing is ushered in by an incredible youth movement in the Pro Stock Motorcycle class that includes a new Gen 3 Suzuki Hayabusa body by Vance & Hines and billet cases, making the drag bike engines universal. In this video we talk to John Force, “Big Daddy” Don Garlits and NASCAR legend Tony Stewart about how drag racing can get younger and develop new stars, we get up close with all the new Pro Stock bikes and highlight the new riders and fearless females including Gaige Herrera, Chase Van Sant, Angie Smith, Jianna Salinas Evaristo, Joey Gladstone and many others. We catch up with class veterans Karen Stoffer and Michael Phillips. We see Funny Cars and Top Fuel Dragsters as Tony Stewart racing and Matt Hagan go for the win and Steve Torrence and Mike Salinas face off in the Top Fuel final. We even get to visit with NHRA and Cycledrag Fans and get a look at some of “Big Daddy” Don Garlits Swamp Rat dragsters on display. Enjoy this comprehensive, inside coverage of the NHRA Gainesville sold-out extravaganza, known as the 2023 Gatornationals.

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  1. Hell, innovation died years ago in NHRA.
    As for us bike guys….. why NHRA?
    Other organizations pay way better, and let's us use real innovation.

    Oh, nothing like a 2023 body on a 1982 chassis.

  2. Good to see you talk to Jianna. I knew her dad Mike Salinas in high school and he rode a Honda 750 chopper to school! Before he got his harley. They are a great family of hard working kind people, and self made. Mike started out scrapping metal (hence Scrappers racing) and loving cars bikes and drag racing, just like me – he is a role model to us who know him. thanks

  3. Thanx for saving pro stock bike but truth be told v twins been dominating when they really wasnt true pro stock an now harley which is not made in america has abandoned them the rules should not change the v twins have to step up there game harley failed you dnt fail yourself harley is HONDA now its a fact they make nothing in america only sales

  4. I can remember traveling to Gainesville in a heavy downpour of rain in the 1970s. 9 out of 10 times it would be sunny and dry by the time we arrived. My first visit to a drag strip was to Carlsbad Raceway in Calif. My dad wasn't a car or bike guy but he knew I was passionate about drag racing. He surprised me with an unannounced trip to Carlsbad Raceway when I was around 10.Thanks, Dad. PS. When I was seventeen I worked after school doing farmwork for 1.50 an hour. In late 1969 I ordered a brand new 1970 Kawasaki Mach 3 500 cc Red with white strips. I paid 1104.00 dollars for what was at the time, the world's fastest production motorcycle. We love what you do "Cycle Drag"

  5. You can go to far in promoting the drivers. IMO, it's the reason for the decline in NASCAR viewership. The pre Madonna's crybaby drivers who never take responsibility for their actions on the track. Don't overexpose the sport or the drivers, leave some mystery to keep the fans coming back. The fans need to know that they can do it as well. Don't put the drivers on an insurmountable pedistal.

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