The rematch that you all have been waiting to see.

Head up, 1/4mile race between the Toyota Supra and the Cadillac Atsv…

This was a spicy 1 because tension were high from the last time..

Comment below your thoughts on this race and comment below who you for the Win…

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  1. Y'all came for me in the last video because I said the Supra won by the space he was given. As bad as he lost I'd say something was wrong with the Supra BUT he got GAPPED BAD…..( DISCLAIMER I don't have a dog in this fight)

  2. bro, these new dudes hurt my head for how long it takes them to setup and make 1 run. People these days more interested in talking shit instead of runnin their ride and cuttin a good light.

    FYI that Supra was trying to ride his brake and build boost, thats why he broke. If you are gonna run with big boys and run turbos, you need to run a trans brake. It's just how cars work for the newbies. You have to build boost. Thats why you see so many more super than turbos on the Pros, it always there and instant

    edit: Super and turbos are both awesome, just know how to run your shit, problem these days too many people can buy something they don't learn how to use

  3. bruh said youd never catch me with no laptop or no tune then well never catch you with a fast car then either stupid….you have to tune a car to be fast unless you running some old school shit…why people wannna talk and just say dumb ass shit.

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