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The ‘Z06’. If the Corvette is America’s Porsche 911, this is its GT3. And in American sports car folklore there is no bigger deal. But for Chevy’s latest it’s bucked the trend; no electric assistance, no hybrid help, and no turbos either. It’s got an entirely new engine, the LT6 – a 5.5-litre dry sump, flat-plane crank V8 taken from the C8R GTLM race car. Good for 670bhp and 459lb ft, it sees off 0–60mph in 2.7secs. It also sounds more Italian than American, like the great engine from a Ferrari 458. So we thought we’d bring one of those along. And Porsche’s GT3, because we’re thorough. But could this be America’s best sports car ever? Top Gear Magazine’s Ollie Marriage hit the road and track to find out.

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  1. The Ferrari either broke down or would have at the track. The Porsche costs $70,000 more than the Corvette and isn't as fast. I've noticed these British presenters have a hard time admitting the Corvette is unbeatable on just about every metric.

  2. So you compare a Z06 convertible to the hardcore GT3? When the Z07 package is still 100k cheaper? Really didn’t want to show up porche huh. GT3 great car , Z06 once in a lifetime!

  3. The C8 Z06 is a glorious car, but let’s not forget it was the C6 Z06 that first took the fight straight to Porsche’s 911 GT3. The C7 had a wobble in this respect, but I see this as a continuation of a stellar Corvette Z06 lineage. I’m biased owning a C6 Z06, but with a (modified) 650hp naturally aspirated engine, manual transmission and approx. 1350kg kerb weight, I utterly adore it…

  4. 9:32 He forgot "The Rear Wheel Drive" of it. Apparently Chevy is going to make a Manual version of the Corvette but that's yet to be seen. So not a word about the insanely huge gap between prices of all these cars?? Come on TG. Why am I always let down by the new show? He just compared the lesser version of the Corvette to a car that is Hundreds of thousands of dollars (Pounds) more and left the top dog out of the race as well as giving the Ferrari a "Pass" with no explanation. I tend to think it might be because of the rear wheel drive it has that I personally love it for but on a track or in a race it can't win with. But what do I know??

  5. They are both exceptional, of course. GM has done a great job on this first mid-engine Vette. Porsche has always been great, and Ferrari… well we all know!! Hopefully, GM can shave off a couple hundred lbs. and make this really a rocket!

  6. I don't understand these comparisons. How do you compare a 2015 car with a new one? The GT3 is double the price. This is a backhanded swipe at Corvette, comparing apples and oranges. swipe at 15:05

  7. C8 Corvette? Supercar? Really? Production numbers will be to high to truly be welcomed into the Supercar category. The C8 is a mid-engined sports car. Supercars, by definition, are low volume cars designed to look good doing 15mph on Rodeo Drive. Hypercars are cars engineered to set new performance benchmarks. This car does neither.

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