We Unrestricted this Kawasaki Z H2…. The Results are Crazy!!!

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  1. From Kawasaki forum they didn’t use forged pistons for a reason. Read this and let me know what you guys think!! The H2 doesn’t have forged supposedly!!

    All H2 bikes sidestep the issue, as the supercharger’s design doesn’t raise the temperature of the compressed air enough to necessitate one. Still, if you dig around on forums, plenty of H2 enthusiasts have added intercoolers to their machines, lowering boost temperatures, and increasing power. It’s a fun fact for those who aren’t content with nearly 200 horsepower.

    To combat the heat that a high-performance engine like this generates, direct oil-jet cooling is used on various critical components, lubricating and maintaining proper operating temperatures simultaneously. Cast pistons are used instead of forged, as Kawasaki engineers feel that they best deal with the heat in this application.

  2. Genuine question, I'm the type that would ride it 100+ for miles and then rip it to the top of 6th. Would this tune from you cause damage in your opinion? The heat and grenade fear has me not wanting to pick one of these up. I really appreciate your videos, thanks.

  3. Have there been any dyno tests with an intercooler? Would be interesting to see the drop in boost with the lower temperatures. They are expensive but if it helps prolong the life of the engine (or safer HP) then it's worth it. These bikes aren't cheap.

  4. I added an akra slip on and it was beyond loud my ears hurt, riding alot without earplugs would definitely give hearing damage so I added a baffle. When doing a full exhaust do you remove the whole servo unit or just cut the wires?

  5. As an engineer, I understand that they strangle many bikes because far too many riders don't have the skills or experience to ride them responsibly. I have many years experience with the turbo bikes of the '80's and, if you didn't know what you were doing, they would "get away from you". That's why the insurance companies killed them.

  6. You're eye looks sore mate hope it's all still good. I've often found loud exhausts don't equate to more power, especially with 2 strokes.

  7. definitly not agreed with that first gear pull…..the way it wheelie in first i could tell you it make a lot more than 60hp between 6 to 10 lol
    my first gen z900 (no restriction,no eletronics) was making almost 120whp and doesn't even wheelie in first if i don"t want it to

  8. I love your videos, I have picked up a lot of good information. I want to take the cat off my 2022 MT10 SP and put a link pipe on. Is taking the exhaust valve off going to detune the bike without a ECU flash. Without a link pipe. Is it going to run lean.

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