We got ABSOLUTELY ROBBED…Dad IS the REAL points CHAMPION!!! Wow, that was a very eventful night that turned for the worst. I wish we could say that the night was a great night in all. However, Dad is still the true points champion in all of our eyes. We don’t usually post stuff like this…however enough is enough. Thank you guys for watching, we appreciate each and every one of you.

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  1. I'm surprised the county doesn't make them take the county name off the track. I know I would. I wouldn't want to be in any way associated with these lame promoters. Just bad people.

  2. If you wasn't legal by the rulebook, then you are illegal then & NO exceptions… That's right, act like a bunched of spoiled baby's & don't go back next week, NO one will really miss you!!!

  3. Im confused on what the tethers do in the first place. Someone could make the argument if its in the rule books then its the rule. If race teams are never notified of the change to the rulebook then y change it. By the way it sounds in the first place is something that helps with the set up at least from the brief research that I have done. It kinda sounds silly to dsq someone for that.
    Edit: Your telling me the son that raced is the one dqing everyone? at 20:32

  4. So, if I heard Gary correctly, this addition to the rulebook occurred in April? I'm pretty sure one of the two of you has been through post race tech since then!
    At least you didn't get thrown out for trying to run over the track owner with the 4wheeler like Chavus…..

  5. If you find your self in N.W. Missouri on a Saturday night, drop in on I-35 Speedway in Winston. They run their program on the up and up. I'm not affiliated with the track other than my nephew runs an E-Mod there. It's a shame you guys got the shaft. Especially since you've obviously supported that track for quite a while. Good luck and be safe out there!

  6. at least the track owners kid won the championship…………………………….can you imagine that kid telling others how he won the championship——this was planned—small change in the rule book and wait until the end to tech…………………………………………………………….

  7. Never enforced or teched the entire season and then this ?
    No, they had this in their back pocket. Of course they’ll use the excuse you weren’t the only one disqualified but we all know that’s a convenient excuse for them.
    Its not an illegal engine just a minor safety issue.
    I can’t imagine being proud of calling myself a track champion by winning it this way.
    Congratulations on your accomplishment and good luck in the future.

  8. One tiny piece of good from this. I found your channel and subscribed. Looking forward to more racing between you and TIme (at other tracks).

  9. Tim and Gary!

    I would contact a lawyer and see what the chances are taking this to court. (all involved) This ain't about the money or money period. This is about PRINCIPAL alone!

    You have cameras for proof there was no written protest for one, there are other drivers involved as well. If they are not stopped somehow, they the owners will do it to someone else. Whoever the guy is that protested and the owners alike are cowards straight up! I think I heard it had more to do with more of (owners) the son more than the dad. Either way. Its not an excuse. If this is true then the elder should have spoke up.

    Tim I would rather see your raw emotion about racing and an incident such as this rather than you sugar coat it. I did not lose any respect for you and Gary. I gained that much more respect for the both you! Even if you all's buttholes have been blowed out by tater biscuits. LOL! Love ya guys! Keep on keeping it real. Thanks!

  10. I think we will see Carl Edwards back in a race car before too long I'm pretty sure he will be back in a race car he was one of the best Nascar drivers out there and he needs to get back in seat

  11. Don't tear em down yet. Come to the spooktacular in park city and have some candy with friends. It's officially a USMTS event again. Big money and chocolate were all winners in this event. Congratulations on a great season!!!

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