We Did a Fast and The Furious Style Drag Race with Quads – Top Quad S2 E2

Here’s how our quads compared in a drag race (Fast and the Furious Style)
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How would you guys feel about an annual Top Quad event where we have competitions like these open to subscribers to sign up and race? And yes… dirt bikes would be allowed 😊

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0:00 – Intro/Recap
1:21 – Drag Race Explanation
2:18 – Heat 1
4:16 – Heat 2
6:35 – Heat 3
7:34 – Drag Race Results
9:44 – Jacob vs Tyrese Grudge Match
13:51 – Tight Track Explanation
14:37 – Mikes Run
15:35 – Pete’s Run
16:49 – Jessie’s Run
17:37 – Tyrese’s Run
20:45 – Tight Course Results
23:07 – Speed Trap Explanation
24:42 – All Runs
27:05 – Speed Trap Results
29:35 – Leaderboard and Conclusion

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  1. I think it changes do to situation in some spots power has its advantages in others traction proves all and then in some more technical shit the rider is the advantage just depends on what ur doing

  2. Awesome series so far. Well thought out types of racing/events that produce interesting results. Looks like everyone is having a blast with a good mixture of competitive spirit.

  3. Great Competition! I thoroughly enjoyed this! I think that A small body mass, on the smaller machine is A solid Contender. I'm 160 Lbs. And can throw my old Honda 1991 250X around on the Trails, almost as quick as my Honda 2014 400X. The 400X has won, but in my defense, they were not on Closed Courses. Looking Forward to the Next Episode!

  4. Dude that yfz450 held its ownnnnnn on that straight away I was on the edge of my seat the whole time we need more of this mike!!!! You have gotten much better on the bike as well man good work !

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