Verstappen Drops a Bombshell on Perez About Brazil Incident!

Real reason why Max Verstappen didn’t follow red bull orders for Sergio Perez at Brazil GP. The Brazilian GP has never failed to disappoint, and this year was no exception! However, this time, if you ask Red Bull and their fans, it wasn’t for all the right reasons! Apart from the miserable result and them finishing P6 and P7, which was the worst result of the team this season, Verstappen denied team orders that would’ve secured his teammate an advantage over Leclerc in the championship fight for P2. Why did Verstappen do what he did? And what about the accident with Mercedes, where Verstappen lost the race due to his stubbornness?

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  1. Lost all respect for Verstappen and RedBull.
    I hope Checo gets picked up by another team that will appreciate his talents and his selfless ways.
    I’m done pretending RedBull isn’t nut sucking on a horrible driver/ persons that is Verstappen.
    Stop lying about Monaco, multiple drivers crashed at Monaco. Perez out paced Verstappen- it was that’s simple.

  2. Max really messed up…. but if Checo really did crash on purpose in Monaco, and the telemetry gives strong reasons to believe so, he started it… nevertheless, Max played against his own team just to make his point, and that´s not cool… he didnt need that… I am certain that he has enough power within the team to resolve the matter out of the public view… his action will probably change the team´s energy inside, which cant be good…

  3. No Checo don’t deserve it! Becoz of Monaco events RB completely reworked on Checo’s car setup and made his life difficult in the following races so that Max takes Center stage. RB management is very sadistic and sick when it comes to helping Max. Their atrocities do not come out that easily

  4. I think it's only normal what verstappen did. Chico can still get his points in the next match, and it was more important to overtake or take out Hamilton. Who could resist the urge to kick Hamilton's a*s while he wants you to kneel before him?

  5. I'll bet checo isn't driving at redbull in 2024… It is a silly mistake to deliberately crash and destroy any drivers chances from qualifying well. He will pay the price for this.

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